Weekend Recap / What We Ate Oct 19 – 25

A very different weekend from last weekend! Friday night, M closed so I spent the evening sewing and getting some project done. Saturday was full of errands and when M got home, we carved a pumpkin for halloween. Sunday, we got up early and went to join several of his coworkers volunteering for COMBO. They cut in 1300 feet of new trail and built a bridge! I made him drive us all the way out to Grandville to go to Loops – a Chicago style diner for Italian beefs. They really hit the spot! I then came home and baked two pie pumpkins in a the crock pot for pumpkin blondies.

Monday 10/19 – leftovers
Tuesday 10/20 – spaghetti and meatballs
Wednesday 10/21 – leftovers
Thursday 10/22 – kung pao cauliflower
Friday 10/23 – leftovers
Saturday 10/24 – baked fish with wild rice and collard greens
Sunday 10/25 – chicken with roasted lemon potatoes

Weekend Recap / What We Ate Oct 12 – 18

I sort of don’t even know where to begin with this weekend. It’ll be hard to top, thats for sure. Thursday night I met up with my little sister and her best friend for the Kip Moore concert at the LC Pavilion. It was such a blast! In a hilarious turn of events, my parents were also at a concert (Arlo Guthrie) on Thursday. I’m so happy I’ve been able to catch more live music lately.

Friday night was very chill – M was working late. Saturday, M had a class to teach so I got up with him and did a bunch of meal planning and grocery shopping before heading over to my folks house. I did some work and then my mom and I walked over to Sew to Speak. I almost got out of there with no purchases but a pattern ended up calling my name. We then headed out to Lynd’s Fruit Farm. We each got the big bags of Fuji apples – it was busy but I swear, we were only other for 15 minutes before our bags were full. We then headed to their main market for apple cider and a hot apple cinnamon donut.

There was a new restaurant opening right next to one of the stores M works at so he got a coupon for a free dinner for two! We gussied up and headed over to Chuy’s – omg the Tex-Mex food was amazing! We treated ourselves to cocktails since dinner was gratis. We had time to kill before our movie so we wondered over to a new beauty store, Beauty Brands, as I had a coupon for $10 off a purchase. As we were checking out, the cashier and I were chatting, just being friendly! She surprised me by throwing in a HUGE back of samples for free! I was delighted! We then headed over to use our free movie passes (do you see where this is going…haha) and saw Crimson Peak. I really enjoyed it! While they are all sort of normal things, it was like the universe conspired to give us a great night out! We are such lucky ducks!

Sunday, I got up early and made a cake [I fully blame the Great British Baking Show for this] and then headed over to pick up my sister. We spent the day at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. We used to go every year when we were kids and it was fun to go again. We did a little shopping – but I remember there being more (or I was smaller?). ALTHOUGH she did buy the CUTEST lobster outfit for Levi for Halloween. Everyone then headed to our new apartment for dinner. I made pork ramen and it was a hit!

Seriously, this is the kind of weekend of legend.

Monday 10/12 – spaghetti and meatballs
Tuesday 10/13 – fish and chips
Wednesday 10/14 – tempeh nachos
Thursday 10/15 – S-late night slice M-leftovers
Friday 10/16 – lentil soup
Saturday 10/17 – Chuys!
Sunday 10/18 – pork ramen

Weekend Recap / What We Ate Oct 5 – 11

Friday night, I picked up two of my high school girl friends for a late dinner in the Short North. We had such a good time talking and catching up (we hadn’t spoken since early August!). Due to a kitchen goof, they comped our pizzas so it was even an affordable night out! Saturday, M and I headed down to Cincinnati to go to Ikea. As always, we got lunch there and spent way way too long looking at everything and deciding what we wanted. They didn’t have everything on our list – but given this was our first Ikea trip in three years, we didn’t do too badly! We stopped at the outlet mall on the way home but didn’t have much luck on that front.

Sunday morning, we met two of his coworkers and headed down to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We had such a fun day – the weather was gorgeous. We took in several shows, did a little shopping and had plenty of traditional turkey legs to last us another year. My favorite was the jousting!

Monday 10/5 – beefy tortellini skillet
Tuesday 10/6 – lemon chicken with broccoli (gosh, I need to blog this!)
Wednesday 10/7 – roasted veggie pizza
Thursday 10/8 – gnocchi
Friday 10/9 – dinner out with girlfriends
Saturday 10/10 – buffalo cauliflower
Sunday 10/11 – stir fry

Weekend Recap / What We Ate Sept 28 – Oct 4

Such a bananas week! I flew out to Chicago Wednesday morning for work stuff. I was able to catch the early (read, only) express train out to the western suburbs to see one of my longest bestest ladies, L. We went for our traditional tapas, at a new place – where we had such a blast, we ended up double tipping. Oops! We had such a good time catching up and really connecting, like you can’t over the phone!

Thursday was back in the office and I met another girlfriend, G, for a drink at Three Dots and a Dash – which ended up being closed! We scraped our plans and headed back up to her house for Revolution beers and a home cooked dinner. Her hubby sweetly marinated the chicken for us and then I put it in the oven while she manned the corn.

Friday afternoon, I headed out to the conference center where our annual company retreat / all hands meeting was being held. It was a long but fun filled weekend of reconnecting (or just connecting!) with coworkers and learning about what we’ve got going on.  I flew home on Sunday and we headed over to my folks house for steaks as it was my little sister’s 25th birthday! Happy Birthday Sister ~ 25 is a good year!

Weekend Recap / What We Ate Sept 14 – 20

Thursday morning, I flew out to DC and worked from my friend’s apartment. When she got home, we cooked Hungarian chicken in and then headed to a local brewery, Denizen’s for a flight.


I worked a half day on Friday and then headed down to the Folger Shakespeare Library. While I would have loved to see the reading room, I had such a good time in the one exhibit. For everyone who attended my high school and had to practice our recitations from dogeared paperback Folger’s, it is a truly a sacred space. I then walked over to the National Museum of the American Indian. I really enjoyed it and thought it was incredibly well done. I did a little shopping in the gift shop as well. I then walked to down to the mall to meet C. We took in a free Turkish film at Freer Gallery and afterwards we headed over to Blue Jacket and got flights of their fruit beers with our dinner (salad + mac and cheese).

Saturday, we took the bus down to Rock Creek National Park and hiked about two miles. We then hiked about two miles back to the bus stop before cleaning up and heading over to one of her friends’ apartment for a cook out. It was a great afternoon and a much quieter than running around trying to squeeze in all the sights! Of course we needed dinner so we got sushi on the way home.

Sunday we took it pretty easy and then I headed down to Dupont Circle to have lunch with my mom’s cousins (in all honestly, they are much more like my aunt and uncle). It was so much catching up one on one after a much shorter conversatin at the family reunion. For dinner, we met a longtime Friend from the Internet, S, and her friends for dinner at Right Proper Brewing. The food was super yummy, even if their beer menu was a little hop dominant.

Monday 9/14 – burgers with grilled asparagus
Tuesday 9/15 – dutch baby with peaches
Wednesday 9/16 – fish with grilled vegetables
Thursday 9/17 – DC
Friday 9/18 – DC
Saturday 9/19 – DC
Sunday 9/20 – DC

Weekend Recap / What We Ate Sept 7-13

Friday night, I was really craving calzone we headed off to the Pizza House. They are a great locally owned family place and they are quickly becoming one of our favorites! M had ordered American Sniper from Netflix as we came home and watched that.

Saturday morning, I headed off the yoga and then spice store while M worked. I did a little work and then rode out with them to Plain City. Sunday, M was off so we headed to over to glasses store (which was the second store refused to look up our insurance, wth) and then to a local sports bar to watch the Packers / Bears game. It was super fun but as it started to get crowded, we headed home to watch the Bengals game.

More importantly, the weather this weekend finally felt like FALL. It’s here!!!

Monday 9/7 – ratatouille subs
Tuesday 9/8 – brinner (breakfast for dinner)
Wednesday 9/9 – Roaster’s w/my family while M worked
Thursday 9/10 – patatas bravas
Friday 9/11 – Pizza House
Saturday 9/12 – baked fish with hasselback potatoes and squash
Sunday 9/13 – homemade General Tso’s chicken

Weekend Recap / What We Ate Aug 31 – Sept 6

Labor Day weekend! I was able to take off early on Friday and M, my parents and I headed over to Indy for the NHRA US Nationals. We were to walk around and see all the pro cars as well as see lots of sportsman qualifying runs before it started raining. While it was too much for runs, we had a great time hanging out and getting to know my stepdad’s race family. We got up early on Saturday morning to see more runs before we had to head out for a friends wedding.

After a quick shower, we headed down to German Village for J and L’s wedding in Schiller Park. We had such a blast connecting with some of M’s coworkers and their spouses celebrating the happy couple.

Sunday we spent the morning doing some packing and then headed off to Easton to gather inspiration for our new apartment. We also saw a matinee of A Walk in the Woods, based on the book of the same name by Bill Bryson, and both really enjoyed it.

Labor Day itself saw more packing and an afternoon in the pool with my family. I am not happy summer is over – it feels like it was just beginning!
Monday 8/31 – ???
Tuesday 9/1 – veggie quesadilla
Wednesday 9/2 – pies and pints w/M’s coworkers
Thursday 9/3 – homemade pizza
Friday 9/4 – US Nationals
Saturday 9/5- friend’s wedding
Sunday 9/6 – grilled chicken and corn

Weekend Recap / What We Ate – Aug 24-30

Let’s see if I remember how to do this 🙂 

Friday night M grilled out and then had a double feature of Kingsman and St. Vincent.

Saturday, I met a relatively new girlfriend for a lunch at the Starliner Diner. It was so tasty and we had such a good time hanging out! I then headed to my parents pool and hung out with them and a neighbor. And then, I met another new friend (from the state fair). I was surprised by the amount of stuff we have in common, including the pie baking contest at the state fair.

But the creme de la creme was the Obetz Zucchinifest with my parents! Josh Turner played and was SO incredibly awesome. It was an awesome event – I had a blast!

Sunday was much more chill with more pool time. When M got off work we got a fancy beer and then came home and made pork loin on the grill with sweet corn.

Monday 8/24 – quesadillas
Tuesday 8/25 – rings n wings
Wednesday 8/26 – tan tan mien
Thursday 8/27 – potstickers
Friday 8/28 – fish with corn and zucchini
Saturday 8/29 – at Zucchini Festival
Sunday 8/30 – grilled pork loin with corn