18 Pans of ’18: Jan

I didn’t move out too much this month, but I’m still happy to see so many samples out of my life. The two Tarte liquid lip sticks are not gone but the color suits exactly no one so I’m just binning them. (One was a gift from a friend who it didn’t suit either and I was hooked on the other one she gave me until after I picked up my b-day sample).

Total items this month: 9

Total items this year: 9

The State of the Make Up

As part of my efforts to actually use what I own (shocker!), I did an end of year updated make up inventory.

Currently, I have 79 total make up items (not counting 15 brushes or 6 perfume, including 4 roller balls I was just given at Christmas) and 36 of those are STILL powder eye shadows; I count each shadow individually. I’m SO CLOSE to finishing my first one and in this process, I have realized exactly how hard it is to really, truly use up a whole palette. I’d really love to half this number by the end of 2017. Doubtful without some serious effort.

sporting my favorite red lipstick, BITE Gazpacho

I did finish up a few lip products this year, as well as two mascaras and a foundation. Those continue to be the easiest products to use up. Currently 35% of what I own is cruelty free and 19% is also vegan but 100% of everything I purchased this year is both. I am focusing on using up older, non cruelty free, non vegan items this year.

I know that this probably seems trivial to some, but this practice helps me be a more mindful consumer.

project pan

I know there are folks who will think this is trite and to them I say, you may kiss my lily white booty any day of the week.

I am a make up lover. I love playing around with who I want to be each day and I spent a fair chunk of my free time watching tutorials on Youtube even though I don’t have a *crazy* collection. [at least to me, my sister has um, one mascara so I look like a damn hoarder next to her.] Anyhoozle, there is whole #projectpan thing that is all about ~wait for it~ using up the make up you purchase! Even though everything I own fits into one bag, I’ve thrown stuff out that I’ve bought because it started to smell off or it broke me out. The consumerist shame!

Things like blush and eyeshadow can take years to use up. So why am I buying cheap drug store shit I don’t like that was tested on animals? Since about this time last year, I’ve cut waaaay back on what I bring into the house make-up wise. BUT! Nothing is really going out either ~ I used up exactly one eyeshadow and one foundation in 2015.

So my personal project pan is to use up the Naked 2 and Naked Basics 2 I was given my M and my sister. They know me and love me and why am I letting these thoughtful presents sit and waste away? I’m trying to get to a one-in, one-out for everything with the deal with myself that if I really do use up something, I can replace it with something higher end and cruelty free – vegan if possible. Especially now that I know exactly how long it takes to use something up, I might as well have something I love to use.

Most of its in here. The goal is for everything to fit.