That Ohio Feeling

One of my happiness and productivity gurus, Gretchen Rubin, talks about what she calls her America Feeling. I have to admit, I haven’t had my own America Feeling since voting for Hillary and it feels like my country is one I no longer recognize (or, I’m now seeing what was always there in a terrifying new light).

I do, however, still get my Ohio Feeling. I get it watching the sun set over the trees while driving alone down SR 16 and the sky is that perfect shade of pink and filled with cotton candy clouds. I get it trying new beer brewed here and it’s easy to find when checking out a new state or Metro park. It’s in a perfect summer day, in cornfields taller than I am.
And I definitely get it at the Ohio State Fair. Its in the Ag & Hort building. It’s deep and rich when I get my Ohio lamb gyro, when I ride on the SkyGlider, when I eat my one annual deep fried buckeye.img_0549IMG_6115

Maple Sugar Camp at Malabar Farm

We headed up to Lucas to go to Malabar Farm State Park for their annual Maple Sugar Camp. We stopped at a local diner for lunch beforehand – but other families brought picnics and that was genius! They have a great sugar shack set up for visitors to see what is going on with modern maple syrup production and then two different set ups for historical ways of making maple syrup. The season is already over for most producers but since they have a northern exposure on their sugar bush so they were still able to have this event. I expect to see this industry hit hard(er) as our planet continues to warm. We also did the Butternut trail and checked out the historical home on the property. It was a pretty great day. Here’s a few of my favorite snaps!


Weekend Recap / What We Ate 5/18 – 5/24

M closed on Friday night so I watched more Next Food Network Star than I should have. Seeing Bobby Flay and Giada in action – I can definitely see those affair rumors because WOWZA are those two flirty!

Saturday morning I lounged around then spent the afternoon shopping with my mom (at the fabric store) and sister (at the tack shop). We all spent the rest of the afternoon lounging at the pool and grilling out. I threatened to drag my sister and her best to Jeni’s for ice cream but no god-fearing Columbusite knows better than to turn down Jenis. We rounded out the evening by stopping by Studio 35 for a drink with two of M’s coworkers and their wives.

Sunday morning brought more sleeping in – HELLO HOLIDAY WEEKEND! I hit up the grocery store and ran a few errands. We just grilled up some hot-dogs and corn on the cob and rounded out the evening with Despicable Me 2.

Lucky for me, M was also off on Monday! So we headed out to my parents to pick up Lexi the Wonder Dog and take her hiking with us. We went to Great Seal State Park, sort of near Tar Hollow. It’s named because it contains the hills that are represented on the Great Seal of the Great State of Ohio. We did the Sugarloaf Mountain trail and part of the Shawnee Ridge trail – it was pretty hilly so we took a few breaks to let Lex rest. It was great to be in much older forest with less undergrowth and fuller canopy coverage. Great Seal State Park has a lot less camping than Tar Hollow and was less busy – I can’t wait to go horse camping there!

After our hike, we spent the afternoon in the pool. The weather was perfect all weekend – hot but not too hot and sunny but not too sunny.

chicago dog at sonic after our hike!

Monday 5/18 – buffalo cauliflower
Tuesday 5/19 – leftovers
Wednesday 5/20 – lemon caper tuna sandwich
Thursday 5/21 – buffalo cauliflower
Friday 5/22 – baked fish with waffle fries
Saturday 5/23 – burgers at my parents
Sunday 5/24 – hot dogs and corn on the cob

Forget the PR Half and Mohican State Park

mohican state park ~

There is the field, getting ready to step off! It’s a where Waldo but with my honey instead.

mohican state park ~

While they were off and running, I drove back into the park and went for a super short hike. There is a surprising number of conifers at Mohican State Park – I cannot describe how incredibly good the woods smelled as the sun came up. We will most definitely be back.

mohican state park ~

The view from the outlook. I then moved to the Fire Tower to wait for M at the 5 mile aid station. He was looking and feeling great (this was before the 1/4 mile of single track in the stream). I went back to the start/finish line to study while he finished.

mohican state park ~

mohican state park ~

Looking and feeling great at the finish! M has such a blast at this race – this will be on our calendar for next year! I’ve got to step up my trail training so I’m ready for those mountains too 🙂