Evergreen, Mt. Evans, Brainerd Lake CO

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend nearly 4 days with dear friends in the mountains. Sorry/not sorry for the photo dump! We stayed in the cutest little hobbit house, nothing was level and everything was clearly built by the homeowner, cobbled together with what was there. There were charming features everywhere and we took great advantage of the hot tub! One day we drove up to the summit of Mt. Evans and then into Idaho Springs for lunch at Beau Jo’s. We also walked around the cute downtown for a bit before meeting a friend’s spouse back at Evergreen Lake to go for a walk and pick up some forgotten necessities (the goat cheese!). Another day, we spent it stand up paddle boarding and/or paddle boating on Evergreen Lake. And the last day, we drove up the long way to Brainard Lake before spending some time in Boulder and eating at Pasta Jays.

This blog written on traditional and unceded Miami and Haudenosauneega terrority, where I am grateful to live and work.