Baby C: 2 years old!

Likes: playing outside, dinosaurs, pizza

Dislikes: being told no, transitions,

Who You Saw: Grandma and Grandpa came down for Easter, and then everyone came back for your birthday!

Where You Went: Shawnee Lodge and State Park

Milestones: so many more words! You are getting better and better with coloring and are eager to keep trying!

This blog written on traditional and unceded Miami and Haudenosauneega terrority, where I am grateful to live and work.

Baby C: Month 21


Likes: PJ Masks, playing outside, ‘working’ with Daddy in the garage, ‘making’ coffee, dancing and being goofy,

Dislikes: eating is getting more and more difficult, especially now that you are done with using a high chair, restaurants

Who You Saw: The first quarter of the year was spent hunkering down and at home.

Where You Went: daycare! You started part time this month.

Milestones: walking up and down the stairs, getting more words everyday, identifying a growing number of body parts, using one (1) short sentence ‘where’s da?’, throwing away the trash, we made maple syrup!

Baby C: Month 11

Likes: playing in the pool / bath / water table, yogurt and cottage cheese, selfie cam (baby’s first selfie!), having Mama or Daddy ask Google Home to play animal sounds

Dislikes: nothing new really lately…although, now that I’ve said that!

Who You Saw: We had a very quiet month at home! A few friends and their sweet little one came over for breakfast at our house, and there was only one melt down over sharing your toys

Places Your Traveled: We were lucky enough to get in two great hikes at Blacklick this month.

Milestones: First ER visit for you, there’s been a lot of upset tummies in our house this month. I’m very grateful to have a wonderful doctor and team in our corner. Other milestones include a lot more mimicking and putting things ‘away’ – like your favorite sippy cup in our hamper! 

Baby C: Month 8

Likes: Eating! A man after my own heart 🙂 You love bath time and swinging at the park near our home.

Dislikes: There isn’t much and for that, we’re very grateful

Places We Traveled: We have been trying to stay focused on home projects this month but we did venture down to Cincy for an IKEA run. You did great!

Milestones: Oh man, so many milestones have been toppled this month! You are crawling with ease and pulling up to stand on everything you can find. I think that standing unassisted is very nearly here as well.