Welcome 2014

We spent New Year’s Eve just the two of us, something we’ve never done before, watching The Way and opening the good stuff, a bottle of beer we’ve been saving for a while (I can’t remember…it was a saison of some sort). On New Year’s Day we had dinner with my family and then took a nice long drive to get out of the city for a bit. It was a pretty relaxing day.

I know that I said that I usually don’t make resolutions at New Years but rather spend the time around my birthday thinking about the type of person I want to be when the next one rolls around. However, there are a few things I really want to work on and I know that if I don’t say them out loud, they’re not going to happen. Also, my mom and step dad have really good ones this year, I gotta step it up!

Now that my Life In Color blog circle is over, I’d really like to complete a 52 week photo challenge. I’m still looking for a good one, otherwise I’ll probably try to stick with a different theme each month (like composition, color, texture, etc).

I have more than a few cookbooks but I haven’t really gotten to know any of them, except for our Joy of Cooking, which is splattered, torn and well loved. I’d really like to cook my way thru about half of the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. I picked this one over some awesome vegaon ones because there aren’t a lot of ingredients I can’t get Aldi or Kroger. Also, I’m going to let myself write in it so I don’t have to keep track anywhere else (a la my amazing friend J who writes in all her cookbooks).

This is pretty much how my kitten spent New Year’s Eve and I suspect it’s her only plan for 2014. It isn’t like M and I both separately filled a stocking for her with toys. I guess we like her 🙂

vivi in a bag~the comyn space

Slowing Down


Taking a page out of the Vivienne’s book and spending the night relaxing at home, with my beloved and my pretty kitten. I was able to take a really great yoga class tonight and I’m excited to start trying to get into King Dancer and King Pigeon. How do you relax?

Hidden Kitten

I got an early birthday present, a DSLR all my own. Between lots of saving and a good coupon, it was mine, 3 weeks early.

This week has brought us lots of pictures of ceiling fans, bedside tables and the kitten. My most willing subject, albeit, my only one.


And she thought she was hiding.

Sunshiney Naps

sleeping in on sunday morning
sharing some italian beefs 

 We spent the weekend just hanging at home, cooking in and pet-sitting. M made quiet a lot of yummy meals and hopefully I will have them to share this week. All in all, it was a really quiet weekend. M and I spent Sunday afternoon tooling around Andersonville. I hope you had a great weekend!



We are home again, after one of the most epic days of travel I have had in a long time. It involved a cruise ship, customs, taxi, airport, plane, airport, plane, airport finished with a brief 7 hour car ride. Our house is still full of boxes and really could use a good sweeping. But, our wedding and honeymoon were fantastic! I would say we learned some really important stuff about resorts and will be much better prepared for our next adventure. But for right now, I am going to make like Vivi and nap.