Pop Review~Fanta Fresa

fanta tight

I picked this up at the Mexican grocery store I frequent because I had been ‘ma’am’ed and wasn’t terribly pleased with that. When I got home, this turned my mood right around! Made in Mexico, so no high fructose corn syrup, this was a jolt of sugary strawberry goodness. If you can check out this or another Fanta made with real sugar, it’s worth it! Please the glass bottle makes it feel all that more special!


Have you tried any fun sodas lately? I’m on a journey to break my addiction to that Diet Coke stuff!

Pop Review~Prickly Pear Soda

Oh-my-goodness! This is one of the absolute best sodas I have EVER had. I picked this up on a whim from World Market and then it sat in the fridge for weeks as we were dealing with illness.   When I finally cracked it open, it was definitely worth the wait!

prickly pear soda

This was a tangy, sweet and distinctly flavored soda. I don’t know if it tasted like a prickly pear or not (I haven’t had one) but I do know it tasted unlike any other sweet I’ve ever had. Sort of like a melted Sweet Tart, but less sugary. If you see one, I think it is worth a go!

Pop Review~Ski Pop

pop review~ski pop~the comyn space

This is probably my favorite pop in the whole world, SKI POP! This stuff is like Mountain Dew on speed, which I don’t like for the record. It’s brewed in the same town in south eastern Ohio that my parents are from, so when they go back for a visit, if I’m lucky, I get a bottle 🙂 A little bit of lemon, a little bit of orange, and a whole lot of sugar. And I don’t really care it’s practically electric yellow, I love Ski Pop. I love it so much. If you get a chance to try Ski Pop, I highly recommend it.

Pop Review~AJ Stephan’s Birch Beer

pop review a.j. stephan's birch beer~the comyn space

I’m not sure what I was expecting with this birch beer, but this one certainly surprised me! It had a little bit of a ginger kick at the end, but it was really good and not cloyingly sweet. I was also a little surprised it came out of the bottle clear but I’d rather that than crazy dyes and chemicals! All in all, I’m not sure I’ll be picking this one up again but it was certainly something new!

Pop Review~Leninade

I was at the hardware store and found Diet Cheerwine. Which got me hunting for Cheerwine. When I find some, you’ll see it here. My goodness, that stuff is good.

But let’s get back to the task at hand. Leninade. When I saw the label, I had to have it.


While the color led to me to think it would be an orange soda, I was happily mistaken. It was an awesome ginger beer with a little kick at the finish. While we just had Leninade alone, I can imagine it would be very good with a little dark rum (so you can get ‘hammered and sickled’ haha).

I would definitely pick up more, so tasty!

Pop Review~Coco Rico

So, here’s the thing.

I love soda. I love it so much. Since I no longer work in an office where there are mountains of it for free, I thought I was going to ‘get healthy’ and stop drinking any pop whatsoever. Well, let me just say there is plenty of Diet Coke and fizzy waters in my fridge right now.

A few weeks ago (really?) we drove down to Jeffersonville and got fountain root beers on the way home to tide us over until we cook dinner. It was SO good, like I had never had root beer before good.

It prompted me to step outside of my pop comfort zone. We picked up a few cans of Coco Rico at our local Vietnamese market and I’m sad we didn’t get a six-pack. We’ll certainly be back for more!

coco rico~pop review~the comyn space

This is a light and refreshing coconut flavored soda. It isn’t overly coconut and isn’t cloyingly sweet. It was yummy and I’m excited to be branching out of my Diet Coke comfort zone.