Chikaming Township, MI

We went away for a quiet family weekend to Southwestern Michigan over Memorial Day weekend. I found a quaint cottage and we were able to walk to the beach on Lake Michigan. C loved the sand and indulged us with a few quick toe touches of freezing Lake Michigan water. We hit up both Greenbush Brewing and Haymarket for lunches (and growler fill ups!) and cooked in for breakfast and dinner. We had very low expectations of going on vacation with a kiddo – we were home each afternoon for nap time, and we spent most of that time reading on the porch. We also went over to Warren Dunes State Park and did a great 4 mile hike; although it was a little too long for C. If we had realized we were hiking 2 miles thru sand dunes, we could have foreseen that and planned a better break. Overall, it was a lovely vacation, and no, I’m not telling you where the name of the cottage we rented. It’s our little secret!

Brew Review~Sweet Water 402 Extra Pale Ale

Let’s get in our way way back machine to revisit this brew shall we? I was in Atlanta a long while ago but was lucky to have one one these over dinner. My little sister went to college in the South and basically the first thing out of her mouth was ‘you have to Sweet Water!’ and it does not disappoint. This extra pale ale was crisp and refreshing while maintaining a very hop forward, West Coast style. It’s a must try if you can get your hands on it!


Harpoon The Long Thaw White IPA~Brew Review

the long thaw

I picked this up when I wanted something full on hoppy. There is something about IPA’s that screams spring to me. I guess I want some tart to cut through the heavy milkiness those winter stouts have.

This crisp white IPA has a great pour and had fine hints of citrus. I loved the hoppy bitterness and can’t wait to get ahold of this seasonal next spring! If you see it on tap, I’d give it a whirl!

Restaurant Review: Tensuke Express

M and I went to this ramen joint, tucked inside a grocery store in the dead of winter as I was craving a good bowl of pho and there isn’t much to be found here in Columbus. Tensuke Express, located at 1167 Old Henderson Rd, and is a short order ramen shop. We were inspired to try ramen after watching The Mind of a Chef where Chef David Chang spends a whole episode hunting down ramen shops in Tokyo. tensuke express columbus~the comyn space

The broth was incredibly flavorful each element was carefully honed to add something special to the dish as a whole. I had the udon in pork broth with pork and M tried the traditional ramen. Both were incredible. The most surprising aspect for me was the cost, just a 5 bucks a bowl!

tensuke express columbus~the comyn space

Brew Review~New Glarus Spotted Cow

new glarus spotted cow~the comyn space

Another one of those six packs we picked up on our way home from Minnesota was a perennial favorite, Spotted Cow. I’m not really sure what I can add to this incredible cult favorite. If you like craft beer, you know about New Glarus and Spotted Cow. We first fell in love with this back in Chicago, prompting a visit to the brewery with some great friends. This is definitely something I know I will keep turning to, it’s such a treat!

Brew Review: New Glarus Stone Soup

On the way back from visiting family in Minnesota, I made a point to pick up a few six packs of New Glarus beer when we stopped for gas in Wisconsin. After having toured the brewery, we managed to fall even deeper in love with New Glarus brews.

new glarus stone soup~the comyn space

This Stone Soup is a wonderful saison. Which is probably one of my favorite styles of beer, which is really saying something. I love that you can only barely taste the grassy notes, that there is so much effervescence. This is a perfectly well rounded saison, I can’t wait to get my hands on more. If you are able to, I highly recommend checking it out!