Bon Voyage

M and I are headed to visit his family this weekend! Hopefully there will be enough snow to go skiing but I don’t know. It’s been a strange winter. While I have a to-do list a mile and a half long (taxes, organizing the kitchen again, hemming pants) it is so nice to leave the email and the to-do’s behind for a  bit. I’m really looking forward to getting out of the city and back in green spaces. 
Here are few things that made my week bright!
The Kitchn’s tip on sausage…well I couldn’t agree more
I love this heart top for Valentine’s Day
55 ways to take care of yourself-self care is so important!
Can’t wait to make this thai salad
A bow belt tutorial for dresses, you know, wearing. 
Of course, I’ll miss this face:

❤ Sarah

In the Bleak Midwinter…

from our honeymoon-boy, do i wish i was there now!

This week was such a whirlwind! We started meal planning and tried 3 new recipes. None of which I photographed, of course. But there was a funny mix up with tomato soup and stewed tomatoes in the enchilada casserole. Last night, M and I went to Magnolia’s Cafe for dinner and it was SO GOOD. We got the pulled pork ravoli’s, salmon 3 ways and bread pudding. Everything was incredible!

I can’t wait to try this Honey Badger cocktail.
An incredibly cool tool to find out what you donation is worth from Goodwill!
This quinoa pilaf looks so yummy!
M asked if I wanted new cow girl boots because I pinned them. Ohmygoodness.

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Construction Zone

I know I mentioned it before, but we have had some squirrels living in our wall for a while and this week the management company finally came to fix it! I am so excited! It looks so nice-we got a new tub, new tile and a shiny sparkly new window! It’s bright! In my bathroom!

This cheery yellow would be great in our apartment!
I am in love with this new to me blog, Makeunder My Life
I want make this natural ‘neosporin’
One day I will have a pantry this organized. One day.
Do you think I can get M to help me meal plan with Google Calenders?

Say Hey

I heard a song this week with a lyric along the lines of ‘tell the devil I said hey when you get back to where you’re from,’ and boy, doesn’t that describe my week. I got some stressful news and M’s show is in tech week. On a brighter note, I ate Native Foods w/M and a friend and I was SO impressed by all their vegan options and how incredibly good they were! Also, I had dinner with a girl friend I should really get to know better at one of my favorites, Hopleaf. Amazing.

carnage from nye.

I have got to give Rachel’s meal planning tips a try!
Reading this article on essential oils makes think I could use of of them in my life.
I wanna make everything Cotton&Curls is making during Faux Fur week, especially this & this!
As I transition to eating less meat, I want to eat these quinoa burgers!
I wonder if I can make this blouse this week. I think yes.

❤ Sarah

Happy Friday!

It seems everyone is taking part in writing thankfulness blogs in November! It has been really cool to see what some of the women I read daily are thankful for. I think it is a great idea and thought I would jump in to-despite the fact it is late! My thought was to continue doing Link Love posts on Friday, but in November add something I was thankful for each day, since I work on them all week.

Monday-for my full pantry as I spent the day working at my organizations food pantry
Tuesday-for Brady, a friend’s dog who lets me pet him as much as I want
Wednesday-for sparkly masacra, mood-lifter extraordianaire
Thursday-for left over french onion soup
Friday-for the weekend, M and I have some fun stuffs planned (including the APW book club meet up!)

Some things I have been lovin’ this week:
-pretty interesting look at classism thru public housing posters
-seeing as we will have company this holiday, i need to get on this list of chores
-this make up make over was so sweet & touching
outdoorsy plaid for girls? umm yes please.
-beer cocktails? i have got to try one of these!

❤ Sarah

Brotherly Love

getting along, splendidly

   This weekend promises to get kinda crazy, with two birthday parties, a 12 mile run (in prep for the Chicago Monster Dash), a meet up w/some friends for brunch, U2 Eucharist at my church, picking up the last of our CSA and baking some from scratch pumpkin pie.

   Phew. And I forgot–M has a show opening this weekend so that is on the agenda too!

   We pet-sat for a friend this week and I have to say I have really enjoyed having a dog around again. Except for the 6AM walks, this is. Things make a dog excited a cat won’t budge for. After that first awkward moment, Vivi and the puppers got along amazingly! I think she misses him a little bit.

   Christine and I spent on night this week working on our Halloween costume for our race in two weeks! We made tutus and cut-outs for some t-shirts.

I got a huge kick of this parody of Antro stuff. ‘Cause a girl can dream, right?

Finding this pro make artists’ tips for real humans literally made my week better. See Kandee here.

Here are some hilarious thoughts and feelings that have no word in English.

And I think I know what we are going to be for Halloween. (We as in, me and the mister).

Lastly, as a note, I have stuck so far (two weeks) to the one Facebook log in a day. Well, except for that one day-although I did miss one day so it evens out. But I need my social connection and have starting harassing (only sort of kidding) strangers and friends on Twitter.

Have a fantastic, most wonderful weekend! ❤ Sarah

The Game of Life

the game of life

You see, I live this high-class life all the time and I needed to take a night off from the bon bons, wine & cheese and generally lying about. Since we moved into our new place, I have spent about a night a week organizing some area of the house like the files (woot!), linens (woot!) and my sewing stuff (double woot!). Thusly, I spent my evening organizing our towels, my make up and the rest of the bathroom stuff. It was super. It is finally feeling like one home and not two college kids co-existing in the same apartment.

This weekends plans include working the Chicago Marathon expo for work, being the the mile 8 marker (hey runners!) on Sunday and some Halloween costume fun. I think I might be making a tooth fairy costume for my Halloween Half Marathon. As for Halloween proper, yet to be determined. I really wanted a sci-fi related costume that I can’t find in stores or online for less than approximately 1 million dollars. [SoapBox: Who is their RIGHT MIND spends 60 on a ‘slutty whatever’ costume made out of polyester and that you will ONLY WEAR FOR 8 HOURS MAX?!?! slowly steps off SoapBox]

I so meant to have some links for sharing but not spending so much time on Facebook I am not spending so much time online either. I did really enjoy making this creamy chicken for dinner this week.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

❤ Sarah                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


What a freaking morning. I went to the DMV to get my new license with the right name, with about 7,384 documents to prove I do – in fact – exist. This includes taking a vision test, which I passed without my glasses and a written test where I got 35/37 (see, I have always been an A student). The lady was all ‘you only missed 2!’ and then didn’t even tell what I got wrong. I could be breaking the law at any moment.

Anyways. Shiny new ID in hand. Valid to drive. Sweet.

To the bank. To sign some paper work and change all my info there too. Did you know if there someone else on your account-you simply can’t make changes but you can CLOSE it without their approval? The nice back lady couldn’t get it through her head that I didn’t want to close all my accounts and open new ones. I want to LEAVE YOUR BANK. This situation is still unresolved, but hilarious.

This weekend M and I are getting out of the city. The apartment is generally clean and we need a break from city living for a day or so. HARD TO IMAGINE I know.

Anyhoozle. Here is some stuff I spend my face time with this week. Not being on Facebook is hard hard hard.

–Holla to the soup weather. I plan on making this pumpkin soup this weekend. Or this halibut soup. I *heart* you Bruce Aidells.

–Seriously wish I had some extra pants laying around so I can try this technique.

–Protect yourself (and your lovely Macbook Pro) from Facebook’s sneakiness with DisconnectMe.

–One of the reasons I love fall. I get to look at winter coats.

–I refuse to believe that there only cute patterns for little kids out there. Come on, you know I could rock this coat. Especially 6 year old me.

Have a most wonderful weekend! ❤ Sarah

Dragon Tail Spikes & Whatnot

my latest project!

This week has been a strange week ’round our house and I am not too sure why. We ate some pretty awesome food (see this PW recipe here) and I sewed quite a bit. Tonight we are having a party to celebrate moving (despite the fact that now it’s clean and we are going to have guests, which will make it dirty).

Here are some things I have spent my screen time w/this week! Have the most wonderful weekend!

This bracelet is pretty rad.

It’s really too bad we own 6 tents. Because, yes.

Kinda a shame I know what I am making for the toddlers in my life, I would play with these.

I need to make time for this project.

❤ Sarah