Woodland Critters 1st Birthday Party

FullSizeRender (8)
We celebrated our little dude turning one recently with both sides of our family in town. I knew that I wanted to do a woodland / forest animal theme and fell down a Pinterest rabbit hole. I ordered the most adorable invites and a matching t shirt for the birthday boy from Zazzle and got some sweet foil balloons that were a fox, a raccoon and a hedgehog.
FullSizeRender (11)
I knew we’d be hosting guests so I made a 5 layer chocolate cake (and a smaller smash cake) with chocolate buttercream and a half batch of yellow cupcakes with bright red buttercream and froze everything double wrapped in plastic two weeks ahead of time. That way, the day before the party, I just had to defrost everything (leave the cakes in the plastic until completely defrosted!) and decorate.
Our niece helped me decorate the cakes and because the lions share of the work had already been done, we were able to just hang out and decorate. I read several posts about making a tree stump cake and decided that using tempered chocolate would be the easiest. I bought 60% cacao knowing the cake and buttercream would be sweet sweet sweet. I tempered a whole bag and then spread it out on wax paper and then rolled it out onto wax paper. I rolled it up in a paper towel roll and let it freeze solid. Once it is was solid, I unwrapped it and it broke into curved shards. If I use this technique again, I’d only temper half a bag and spread it thinner as it was fairly difficult to get it to break apart in it’s thickest parts. You can see, it was a hit!

Sewing Projects ~ Time to Get Honest

Spurred on by a recent post from Grainline, to finish and blog more projects, I’ve put together a list of the sewing projects hanging over my head.

  1. blue and white triangle quilt for my friend G – I’ve made a pledge to sew a quilt for each one of the gals in a friend group of mine and it’s time to make good
  2. something for myself with the below set of 4 sunny fat quarters I bought recently (thinking something like this or a few of these)
  3. finish another ornament – my mom gave me a set of 12 last year for my birthday and I’ve only finished one. I want them off my machine table and ready to go on my tree (err, at least of them LOL) 

Lancelot and Quinevere DIYs

We went for Lancelot and Queen Quinevere as M’s crown wasn’t finished in time! I made both of our costumes following essentially the same technique, from this tutorial.

lancelot and quinevere~the comyn space

I spread out the fabric on the floor, right sides together, and folded it in half, at the what will be the shoulder. For M, it was as simple as sewing together the sides, adding trim to arm holes and bottom.

For my dress, I drew, cut and then stitched together the long sleeves and side seams of the dress and then added trim. I had left the back about 8 inches longer than the front and hemmed to skim my toes in the front but to include a little princess train in the back.

lancelot and quinevere~the comyn space

I’m really impressed with how quickly these came together and I’m super proud we made costumes for exactly 0 dollars. One little trick or treater asked if I was Princess Merida as I was playing with M’s bow, which pretty much made my night!quinevere diy recap~the comyn space

Simple Fall Wreath

One of the things I am trying to do in this apartment refresh, is to make our home reflect the seasons more. In the few years we’ve lived together, we have really only decorated for Christmas. When M was at the craft store getting one last thing for this show, I bought myself some supplies for this quick wreath. It was more than I expected/wanted ($18 for everything) but I plan to leave it up thru Thanksgiving. I would say it took me about 45 min total.
silk flowers, foam wreath form, double stick tape & twine

wrapping whilst watching buffy 🙂

all done!

How do you celebrate Fall? Any other ways you bring each season into your home?

Knock Off Kate Spade

I love Pinterest, a land of fake houses and impossible wardrobes. But there is so much wonderful inspiration and crafty goodness if you hunt for it. I found a ‘tutorial’ on how to make a knock offs Kate Spade Rosewood Dot necklace here from Urban Jane. I opted out of the spacer beads because I couldn’t find any I likedand made it bit shorter so that it would hit higher up on my chest but otherwise, I’m so grateful for this idea! Thanks Urban Jane!

Mailbags for Tots

(Sorry for the late post today…it was pretty crazy in our neighborhood last night. See a story here. We are safe but it put a cramp on our simple ice skating & dinner plans.)
When I was looking for cute things to make for the niece and nephew, I saw several people selling these cute felt mailbags with sets of letters. For crazy amounts of money. They sell felt in 60 inch widths for goodness sake! I knew I could figure out how to make something similar with all the extra felt I had. Here are a couple quick pictures. 

Dragon Tails.

First I want to thank Jessica of Running with Scissors for this pattern! I did stay pretty close to the tutorial, but I added some spots on the sides of each tail to make them even more cool. Also, I made the opposite colors at the same time, which meant constantly re-threading the machine. Which was awesome. For future reference, I would stitch on the outside of the straps so I don’t have turn them right side out-that was HARD. Also, half these pictures are from a couple evenings ago when I worked on them so the color is awful! And yes, these are for our niece and nephew for Christmas presents. But they are toddlers and can’t use the internets so I get to share this now!

felt in vikings colors. plus computer as sewing notion.
the cut pieces.
making the tail shape.
sewing the spikes. 
i really need to make one of these in my size.
sewing the spikes on the right side. dots sewn on to right side.
sewing the wrong sides together.
adding the straps.
sew the round piece to the front. not as easy as it looks.
turnin’ it right side out.
fillin’ it with fiberfil. 


Tweed Dress!

 I have had this Very Easy Vogue pattern floating around my life for years. It is a pretty simple pattern (as dresses go) but I couldn’t work up the courage to make it up. Finally I decided to make a dress w/some blue cotton I had and made a trip to Jo Ann’s for a zipper. Well. M went too and found this wonderful brown checked tweed with a gold tread running through it. When we were in the store I thought it was stoopid that I had to buy 15 plastic hook & eye sets for $3. So I got this gold filigree, one for $3. Oh, logic. At least now I don’t have 14 extra hook & eye sets. This dress is going to be so warm to wear this fall & winter! Hopefully I will take some good outfit pictures to share too!