Baby C: 2.5 Years old! (no longer a baby)

Likes: Thomas the Train, anything train related, the library

Dislikes: anything about the potty (spoiler, this changes after you hit 2.5), not being able to help

Who You Saw: nearly everyone our family’s various Christmas celebrations!

Where You Went: Minnesota, Cleveland with Mama and Daddy

Milestone: You started a new daycare! Mama started a new job and you are now able to go to school right near her new work. You are loving it!

Baby C: 2 years old!

Likes: playing outside, dinosaurs, pizza

Dislikes: being told no, transitions,

Who You Saw: Grandma and Grandpa came down for Easter, and then everyone came back for your birthday!

Where You Went: Shawnee Lodge and State Park

Milestones: so many more words! You are getting better and better with coloring and are eager to keep trying!

This blog written on traditional and unceded Miami and Haudenosauneega terrority, where I am grateful to live and work.

Choo Choo Someone’s Two! Toddler Boy Train Birthday Party

Our sweet Baby C turned two in June! My in laws came in from Minnesota and while a few friends didn’t show up, we had a full house and were able to really celebrate our little dude! I’m so grateful to everyone who did attend, it was so great to see you all!

Things have been very full-on in our house lately – lots of stuff going on for both M and me at work, endless sicknesses for all three of us, house renovations anticipating guests, garden drama, and, and, and. So I wasn’t able to do this up to the level I’d hoped because I was so inspired by this theme.

Our son was given his cousin’s old train table and all the tracks and trains and he is so so into his ‘choo choos’! I ordered some party favors (of hats, bandanas and wooden whistles) for the kiddos and we ordered a big ol’ Subway sandwich. The night before I baked up and decorated cupcakes with my niece and nephew, which is turning into a little tradition that I just love. I hope I continue to be cool enough to bake with!

Baby C: Month 21


Likes: PJ Masks, playing outside, ‘working’ with Daddy in the garage, ‘making’ coffee, dancing and being goofy,

Dislikes: eating is getting more and more difficult, especially now that you are done with using a high chair, restaurants

Who You Saw: The first quarter of the year was spent hunkering down and at home.

Where You Went: daycare! You started part time this month.

Milestones: walking up and down the stairs, getting more words everyday, identifying a growing number of body parts, using one (1) short sentence ‘where’s da?’, throwing away the trash, we made maple syrup!

Baby C: Month 18


Likes: reading, climbing, helping in the kitchen, Elmo

Dislikes: hearing no, quick transitions, missed or late meals (I feel ya, buddy)

Who You Saw: Baby Griffin! And darn near everyone for Christmas

Where You Went: San Antonio, Texas (Mama went to both Detroit and Chicago without you)

Milestones: climbing, brushing your own teeth, sliding down the ‘big’ slide at the playground without help (more like, refusing help!),

Baby C: Month 15

I’ve decided that doing these quarterly for the next year or so makes the most sense to capture where we’re at with our beloved little dude and giving him some privacy as he continues to grow.

Likes: cottage cheese, playing outside, riding [read: being pushed on] your trike, climbing on the furniture

Dislikes: diaper changes, not being able to type on a computer or phone,

Who You Saw: one of Mama’s friends and her wee one came for a visit, the eclipse!

Where We Went: so many parks, Chicago for 1 day, the Ohio State Fair!

Milestones: you are running with abandon, saying dada/mama, feeding your with a spoon or fork, stacking toys and cups, starting to follow directions

Woodland Critters 1st Birthday Party

FullSizeRender (8)
We celebrated our little dude turning one recently with both sides of our family in town. I knew that I wanted to do a woodland / forest animal theme and fell down a Pinterest rabbit hole. I ordered the most adorable invites and a matching t shirt for the birthday boy from Zazzle and got some sweet foil balloons that were a fox, a raccoon and a hedgehog.
FullSizeRender (11)
I knew we’d be hosting guests so I made a 5 layer chocolate cake (and a smaller smash cake) with chocolate buttercream and a half batch of yellow cupcakes with bright red buttercream and froze everything double wrapped in plastic two weeks ahead of time. That way, the day before the party, I just had to defrost everything (leave the cakes in the plastic until completely defrosted!) and decorate.
Our niece helped me decorate the cakes and because the lions share of the work had already been done, we were able to just hang out and decorate. I read several posts about making a tree stump cake and decided that using tempered chocolate would be the easiest. I bought 60% cacao knowing the cake and buttercream would be sweet sweet sweet. I tempered a whole bag and then spread it out on wax paper and then rolled it out onto wax paper. I rolled it up in a paper towel roll and let it freeze solid. Once it is was solid, I unwrapped it and it broke into curved shards. If I use this technique again, I’d only temper half a bag and spread it thinner as it was fairly difficult to get it to break apart in it’s thickest parts. You can see, it was a hit!

Baby C: Month 12

Likes: Daniel Tiger, cheddar bunnies, bath time

Dislikes: diaper changes, clothing changes, waiting

Who You Saw: Grandma, your Aunt and cousins from MN flew in for your birthday party and we hosted friends and family for your birthday party

Where We Went: Chikaming Township, MI, Columbus Clippers home game

Milestones: running, waving, clapping, sorting and some ‘words’

Baby C: Month 11

Likes: playing in the pool / bath / water table, yogurt and cottage cheese, selfie cam (baby’s first selfie!), having Mama or Daddy ask Google Home to play animal sounds

Dislikes: nothing new really lately…although, now that I’ve said that!

Who You Saw: We had a very quiet month at home! A few friends and their sweet little one came over for breakfast at our house, and there was only one melt down over sharing your toys

Places Your Traveled: We were lucky enough to get in two great hikes at Blacklick this month.

Milestones: First ER visit for you, there’s been a lot of upset tummies in our house this month. I’m very grateful to have a wonderful doctor and team in our corner. Other milestones include a lot more mimicking and putting things ‘away’ – like your favorite sippy cup in our hamper!