Weekend Recap: June 9&10, 2018

A weekend for the record books! Friday night, I joined a dozen other ladies from my local running club for yoga outside. It was a rainy night but we had a tent so we did a gentle routine under the sound of rain hitting the tent – it was pretty darn great. We then had a few drinks and a potluck dinner.

Saturday morning the three of us headed down to the Ohio History Connect for their Story Book Village event. We got to meet several PBS and fairy tale characters. We got lunch from the food trucks and then headed home for nap. We needed to plant a few planters in the back yard in anticipation of C’s birthday so spent a bunch of the afternoon hanging out in the sunshine doing that.

After bedtime, M and I filled a(nother) dumpster with demo’ed bits and bobs from the basement. We are removing a few shoddy built ins and about half of the added faux wood paneling. We still have a ways to go before it’s completely done but we’re making decent progress. M also made me spend our Sunday nap time decluttering the TV room half of the basement and it’s looking much better!

The rest of Sunday was spent doing the usual cleaning, grocery shopping and on our monthly Costco trip. We’re trying to 1 one shop a month…we shall see! After C woke up from his nap, we all met my sister at Mad Moon for a cider flight. During dinner, C made it clear he was coming down with another ear infection. This is his third in as many months – please send any spare healthy vibes our way!

Ohio State Fair 2017

We LOVE THE  FAIR! By the time the Ohio State Fair closes this year, I’ll have been 3 times. We were able to see all of the highlights including the Ohio Natural Resource Playground, the Bobcat display, the butter cow, the FOOD and the Cardinal Building. This year the fair had it’s share of tragedy but I also won BEST IN SHOW in Cookies for my dulce de leche bar cookies and I could not be prouder! I made the a few times to prep and brought them to my family’s annual Fourth of July party and they were a huge hit. I’m tickled – but have literally no idea how to top these for next year!

You can read the recipe here and the write up (!) at the Columbus Dispatch. Here are some of my favorite snaps from this year’s State Fair.

C and the cows!
my traditional gyro at the Ohio Sheep Improvement Assoc booth in the Taste of Ohio building
morning sun
the skyglider!
C loved the Bobcat ‘playground’
my winning entry!

The Wilds ~ Things to Do in Ohio

This was so hard to cull down ~ sorry it is still a very photo heavy post 🙂 I did take over 200 pictures in our over 2.5 hour open air tour so really I did good. Let’s go with that!

We started off in pasture, then went to the Carnivore Center and then drove back through more Hoofstock. One of the main areas of conservation The Wilds focuses on is successful breeding programs for these endangered or threatened hoofed animals so there were tons of BABIES. Let’s start with Baby Wednesday, the baby Bactrian camel. The cute is beyond words.

the wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.com the wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.com

Bison! They are in the outer perimeter of the facility because the American Buffalo is, in fact, native to Ohio and if it escaped a sully port (those double gates like in Jurassic Park) it wouldn’t be an issue for the environment. Now, that poor buffalo on the other hand, might be a little bewildered. There was also FIVE baby bison in this herd.the wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.com the wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.com This is my favorite image of the day – makes me think of times before we hunted these beautiful creatures from moving trains. the wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.com
the wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.com

Przewalski’s horse! They aren’t able to be tamed because they are missing a chromosome that allows for short term memory, making them the only truly wild horse left and they are severely endangered. Other wild horse populations are free roaming but are from freed domesticated horse stocks (like the American Mustang). Also! There were FOALS! the wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.com

Weekend Recap / What We Ate May 4 – 10

Saturday morning I did a little shopping with my mom, we hit up an estate and then Kohls. In the afternoon, my sister and I took all three Dobermans to Highbanks Metro Park. Except for the GAINT Eastern rat snake (ok, ok, it was two inches thick but STILL FOLKS) that we spotted. They have a really great dog path but it goes through a quite grassy area and we all managed to pick up a tick or two 🙂 The Dobes decided we all needed a quick dip in the creek. After a shower to de-creek-i-fy and fast dinner, M and I headed down to Huntington Park to catch the Columbus Clippers and Pawtucket Red Sox game. It was such a blast – while I miss Cooper stadium – this new park is really great.

Sunday, I went to wish my mom a happy Mother’s Day. I spent the afternoon starting to work on a saddle cover that I promised my sister a…while ago.

Monday 5/4 – chile relleno hot dish
Tuesday 5/5 – Rancho Alegre
Wednesday 5/6 – leftovers
Thursday 5/7 – Mongolian beef with rice
Friday 5/8 – homemade pizza
Saturday 5/9 – sausage and kale with pasta
Sunday 5/10 – baked fish with roasted veggies

Blendon Woods Metro Park ~ Columbus OH

birds at blendon woods metro park ~ thecomynspace.com birds at blendon woods metro park ~ thecomynspace.com birds at blendon woods metro park ~ thecomynspace.com birds at blendon woods metro park ~ thecomynspace.com

Blendon Woods is one of the Metro Parks nearest to us and we go there all the time. There are really great nature trails that are perfect for walking along. I love the unimproved trail for both running and cross country skiing when the weather is right. They even have a dog trail that is good for snowshoeing in the winter. But my favorite is the waterfowl refuge. The park keeps two blinds, one with a feeder for other birds. I really have nothing bad to say about Blendon Woods – I love it so much!

Glacier Ridge Metro Park ~ Columbus OH

Over the weekend, we went to Glacier Ridge for a walk in the woods. I was very surprised to find no ridge or woods at Glacier Ridge! All the tree stands in the main park were less than 40 years old – which makes total sense for reclaimed farm land. However, they also grow hay in the park and you can see directly into a subdivision on part of the main loop. Now, if I lived in said subdivision – I’d be thrilled with a Metro Park so close to home! While I’m glad we knocked this one off the list {we were trying to get all the Metro Parks this year}, I doubt I’ll be back until I can strong arm my sister and her horse going for a trail ride with me there.

glacier ridge metro park~columbus OH

glacier ridge metro park~columbus OH

Slate Run Metro Park and Living Historical Farm~Columbus Oh Things to Do

slate run metro park1slate run metro park4 slate run metro park3 slate run metro park2

We went to Slate Run Metro Park on Sunday and hiked about 1.5 miles thru the park to the living historical farm. While M doesn’t love the inaccurate maps (not to scale) I do love how well marked all the trails are! This would be the perfect place to have a big part and Slate Run as a great mix of regrowth hardwood forest, prairie and wetlands. If you’re the greater Columbus area and you haven’t checked this gem out yet – get on it!

Hocking Hills State Park

M had a surprise weekend off so we took off for a spur of the moment camping trip. One of the things he needed to see as someone who wasn’t a child in Ohio was Old Man’s Cave and the Hocking Hills.

We stayed in the state campground and spent Saturday morning hiking between Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave. I want to tell you it was so pretty (which – it was) but I am incredibly disappointed in this particular state park experience. There were exactly ZERO Rangers or Naturalists at any of the sites. No one to encourage sound camping practices (so I saw our ‘neighbors’ washing diapers in our clean water…so I walked an extra 1/4 mile each way for the rest of the weekend) and there was no one to interpret the history, ecology and geology of the site. I consider this to be the crown jewel of our state park system and I was expecting so much more. On Sunday, we hiked around Rock House and that trail had much less litter.

State parks are the lay person’s entry into nature. It the job of those who manage this INCREDIBLY VITAL RESOURCE to interpret it’s significance for visitors; to explain why it is important, how to engage with it safely and why is worth protecting.

I will save my rant about being allowed to hunt in state parks for another day.

Oh yeah, we did take some pictures too.hocking hills state park~thecomynspace.com hocking hills state park~thecomynspace.com hocking hills state park~thecomynspace.com hocking hills state park~thecomynspace.com hocking hills state park~thecomynspace.com

Summer ’14 Bucket List~How’d I Do?!

Like everyone else who owns a calendar, I can’t believe it is SEPTEMBER! How did that happen?! I didn’t manage to hit everything on this list and boy-oh-boy do I have a bucket of excuses! M’s schedule changed so he was working more weekends that I anticipated but we still managed to soak up as much summer sun and friend time as we could. I’m marking that down as what matters 🙂

family vacation 2014~thecomynspace.com

  • Go to a drive in movie (there’s actually one with THREE SCREENS in Columbus! How awesome is THAT?!) –ahhhh we never made it a point to go, maybe this month?
  • Spend a day lounging at a lake
  • Run a race (probably just a 5k this year…my first without a half since 2009) — nope 😦 but we’ve scheduled a half in February!
  • Go to the Ohio State Fair (No state so fair, no fair so great!)
  • Spend a day at Zoombezi Bay
  • Take M to Cedar Point (an Ohioan right of passage)–many more summers for this!
  • Eat something I grew (or um…M grew) — yes! our little container garden has been gangbusters!
  • See the sea caves in Lake Superior — this didn’t happen our trip up there this summer 😦
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Go to a soccer game

Some awesome summer things that WEREN’T on the bucket list but were awesome-sauce regardless: a free outdoor bluegrass concert, a banging Fourth of July Party and fireworks, road tripping across the Midwest including stopping in Indy for an afternoon, and one hot A/C-less evening at Arcade Super Awesome.