I’m Sarah!


This is my husband, M.

m head shot~the comyn space

We’re craft beer drinkers, cheese lovers and when I can, I put as much kale and brussels sprouts in front of M as possible. He’s a devout grill addicted carnivore and I’m a dark greens eatin’ tofu lover. I firmly believe food should be healthy, affordable and accessible. This blog is also our family history, where we keep track of the things we eat, the great friends we have and the adventures we are lucky enough to take.
You’re also in for a healthy dose of photography challenges, book reviews, crafts and a taste of our forays into urban homesteading in our charming 1950’s Cape Cod in the Midwestern suburbs. In 2016, we welcomed our son, Baby Comyn.
Want to follow along in real time? Like the Comyn Space on Facebook.
Why Comyn, you might ask? It’s the Old English root of our last name. Like so many other Russells, Cummings, Cunninghams, Cummins, and O’Comyns, we are terribly fond of Balvenie, the family scotch. One day we’ll make it Scotland and it will be glorious.
Oh. And here’s our cat. She’s quite the character.

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