What I Read: June ’20

Nine Elms by Roberta Bryndza: This thriller about a disgraced female detective was a fast-paced joy to read. I was hooked and could not wait to see how it ended.

A Conspiracy in Belgravia by Sherry Thomas: The second in the Lady Sherlock series, I loved this so very much – as you’ll see below!

The Hollow Fear by Sherry Thomas: These stories are told so closely to the end of the other, they aren’t really serialized like the traditional Sherlock stories. I loved the attention to detail – the food, clothing, and household accessories that are often overlooked give this series such an incredible sense of time and place.

The Art of Theft by Sherry Thomas: And with this fourth installment – I have to wait for the next book Sherry Thomas releases! I really loved this Lady Sherlock series and found it to be fun, frothy, and FEMINIST retelling of the classic tales. Please check this series out!

Still I Miss You by Inez Pedrosa: I really struggled with this one. I think stories that are told as two voices in dialogue either need to be labeled or consumed as audio books with two different narrators. I struggled to tell them apart for the first third or so and then couldn’t get into it. I raced to the end to just get it over with.

All the Lies We Tell by Megan Hart: I read this on Kindle and it was a fairly good romance novel but I suppose the title lead to believe it would be more a thriller? I did reserve the next ebook from the library so I do care enough to see where it goes.

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