What I Read: Dec ’19

The Lager Queen of Minnesota by Ryan Strandal: I wanted to love this book – and I should have given the splashes of Midwestern sensibility, beer making and good hardworking folks. However, it just didn’t hit the mark for me. I wanted to connect more deeply with the characters but we did missed each other I guess.

Brave Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani: This was a work related read and I enjoyed it but also found some portions a bit trite. Being a working mom is freaking hard (being a mom is hard…we need our villages back!) and she did not recognize her immense financial privilege.

The Lair’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard: I stumbled across this book and oh man did I love it! It was moody, atmospheric and captivating. There is a twist I was not expecting and I was thinking about it for days! If you like things in the vein of Gone Girl, you should check out this one!

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo: I am obsessed with Bardugo’s work – I seriously consider her on par with JK Rowling. This is not set in her Grishaverse but is just as filled with magic and wonder (plus the spooky dreary backdrop of Yale during the winter doesn’t hurt!). If you like inventive fantasy (not just white dudes and elves) you really need to check this out.

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