20 for ’20

This is the second (or third?) year of doing a X for X year and I’m going to share my list this year to make sure I hit everything I want to do. I got most of my 19 for 2019 list done but being pregnant and having a newborn threw a wrench into some of my plans (like, learn to play the dulcimer). I am following the same 20 for 20 idea this year but I’ve organized it into themes with concrete tasks supporting them to give some structure to my efforts.

Theme 1: Get Curious about Music
1) sign up for spotify
2) go to a bluegrass concert
3) see classical music live in some capacity
4) take my 3 yr old to a musical event
5) listen to 1 new artist a month

Theme 2: Be a storehouse of Happy Memory
6) finish our 2019 family photo album
7) finish the infant’s baby book
8) host an adult party
9) throw the baby a 1st birthday party
10) organize our holiday decorations for easier celebrating
11) take a vacation

Theme 3: Move Joyfully
12) run 52 5k’s (just the distance, not all races!)
13) run a sub-30 min 5k
14) workout at home 3 mornings a week
15) limit social media to less than 1 hr a day
16) track alcohol intake

Theme 4: Build on last year’s successes
17) sew 10 projects
18) read 40 books
19) review and post cleaning routine
20) budget monthly

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