Ohio State Fair 2019

We were lucky enough to go to the Fair a few different times this year!

We went once the three of us and saw the Arts & Crafts building (featuring model trains!), the dairy cows, the beef cattle, ate some amazing totchos + pork tenderloin sandwich + the traditional Velvet ice cream, saw the butter cow and then walked over to the Natural Resource Center where C played in the sand box and the outdoor classroom while I rested (it’s hot out there for a 35/36 week pregnant mama!). A huge highlight was catching the daily parade – we were able to see the choir, the band, lots of clowns and big vehicles as well as the BUDWEISER CLYDESDALES all hitched up! We ended the evening with one of the Lumberjack shows which I’d never seen before but C ate up like candy. He even was given one of the demonstration pieces by the presenter!

That same weekend we went back with my parents and sister. We ate some seriously good hot dogs at Tracey’s and then had a funnel cake (well…I had most of the funnel cake, let’s be honest). After re-visiting the model trains, we took in the beekeeping tent, the sheep barn, saw the marching band again, stopped at the Ohio Beef Council before touring the Cox Fine Arts Center. After that, it was time to let C ride the rides – he had been asking none stop! He was really into the rides, rode several and then even went down the Giant Slide with Nana! On our way out, we rode the Skyglider for the first (and last) time as a family of three. It made me so incredibly happy.

M and I were both lucky enough to go back for lunch on separate days with folks from our jobs. Not surprisingly, we both ended up eating again at Tracey’s for those really good Chicago dogs! Here is a massive photo dump, see ya next year, on the Midway!

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