5 Things My Concussion Taught Me

About a week ago, I managed to hit my head quite hard on a corner while doing laundry. Trust me, I know there are approximately one thousand more fun ways to get an injury! After I was still experiencing symptoms 24 hours later, I went and got seen by my primary care physician who ordered at least 4 days off work, 6 days of NO SCREENS and a month (a month!) of ‘unitasking’ [she basically said, try to limit your brain to either one input or one output at a time for at least a month]. It was humbling and taught me some more than someone who’s taken more than her fair share of tumbles for equines in her lifetime would have expected.

  1. Unitasking is actually faster – I finally took time to switch our ‘coat closet’ from winter to summer. While our house lacks a good landing zone (I appreciate the one at my SIL’s each winter SO MUCH), we have a shoe organizer hanging behind a door that holds hats, gloves, C’s shoes, etc. I have been putting off for weeks. Well, without a screen or podcast or music, I got it done in less than 15 minutes. There is something to be said for just jumping into a task rather than hunting for the right song or playlist before diving in.
  2. I have forgotten how to be a self – I have to admit, the first day of ‘no screens at all’ I really struggled with what to do with myself. I ran a virtual 5k I signed up for, I cleaned up the house and then I just kinda…looked around. Chores and exercise aren’t truly, deeply self care – they are a function required of living. We have to live in a clean, safe place and we have move for health!
  3. I don’t let myself get bored anymore – In the haze and daze of Instagram and connecting and sharing, I have obscured that still small voice that says who I am. We know that this digital life that so rarely allows for good, real BOREDOM is so hard for kids – why do we not assume the same for ourselves? I know I will need to make space to be bored more often.
  4. It is really hard to break up with your phone – they are addictive. A few friends have read and really like How to Break Up with Your Phone and I wasn’t convinced but after this forced break (where I totally still checked it and texted resulting in about an hour of screen time a day) – I know I need to do better, model better.
  5. Our human bodies are fragile – Hardest but maybe the truest? One good whack brought me to a week off work, days of walking where I wanted to go and time for a real break – rather than one where I tried to cram in all the projects, budgeting, and to do’s that are still on my list.

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