We drove up to Cleveland for a quick weekend getaway. We stopped at the only Taco John’s in Ohio on our way up. On Saturday, we hit up the West Side Market which was amazing. The grocery and food vendors were so well varied and everything was such high quality; I really regretted not bringing a cooler to bring more home. We had lunch at the Market Garden Brewery and then we checked into our AirBnB. We were able to walk from there to Great Lakes Brewery where we had a tour and some tastings. They have a wonder restaurant too – but with a toddler, we opted to eat in at our AirBnB and made some Ohio City Pasta. Sunday morning I got up for a run thru Ohio City. There is not much more I love than getting to see a new place while on a run, the familiar pumping of my legs and quiet plodding of my feet while seeing all the new graffiti, restaurants and places to see. We went to A Christmas Story House and Museum and it was everything M and I dreamed of. The owners have bought the house from the movie, the Bumpus House and 2 houses across the street. We ate the Rowley Inn and had some of the best pancakes ever before heading home.

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