What I Read: Oct ’18

The Opposite of Hate by Sally Kohn: I picked this up for book club and I appreciated it. There have been some accusations that she misquoted individuals in the book and that sort of casts a pall on the rest of the book.

Lomelino’s Ice Creams by Linda Lomelino: This book made me want to buy an ice cream maker! So many great ideas!

Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic: This was a gift last Christmas and I finally sat down and really read it rather than just flipping thru the pages. I loved it and love learning more about Harry Potter!

Appalachian Cooking: New Traditional Recipes by John Tullock: I picked this up off the new shelf at the library and I am so grateful I did. So many great ideas I cannot wait to try.

Cherry by Nico Walker: Ah, the best for last. M suggested this book when we were on a date to the book store and I devoured it. Walker is inventive, evocative and spins a yarn of love, drugs and war that is powerful and missable.

This blog written on traditional and unceded Miami and Haudenosauneega terrority, where I am grateful to live and work.

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