Weekend Recap: June 9&10, 2018

A weekend for the record books! Friday night, I joined a dozen other ladies from my local running club for yoga outside. It was a rainy night but we had a tent so we did a gentle routine under the sound of rain hitting the tent – it was pretty darn great. We then had a few drinks and a potluck dinner.

Saturday morning the three of us headed down to the Ohio History Connect for their Story Book Village event. We got to meet several PBS and fairy tale characters. We got lunch from the food trucks and then headed home for nap. We needed to plant a few planters in the back yard in anticipation of C’s birthday so spent a bunch of the afternoon hanging out in the sunshine doing that.

After bedtime, M and I filled a(nother) dumpster with demo’ed bits and bobs from the basement. We are removing a few shoddy built ins and about half of the added faux wood paneling. We still have a ways to go before it’s completely done but we’re making decent progress. M also made me spend our Sunday nap time decluttering the TV room half of the basement and it’s looking much better!

The rest of Sunday was spent doing the usual cleaning, grocery shopping and on our monthly Costco trip. We’re trying to 1 one shop a month…we shall see! After C woke up from his nap, we all met my sister at Mad Moon for a cider flight. During dinner, C made it clear he was coming down with another ear infection. This is his third in as many months – please send any spare healthy vibes our way!

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