Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

I haven’t really been shopping too much, I did need some new jeans and I got them from an ethical fashion brand (review coming soon!). A big part of the reason is that I’d like to be making more of my own clothes; however, right now, I’m really lacking the time. I also don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in fabric and while I have some stuff that is appeal appropriate, they are not the most current patterns. So. Here’s a few things I’ve been eyeing while I’m window shopping and I’d love to make it into my summer wardrobe.

from left to right, top to bottom

Boden Phoebe Jersey Dress (honestly, any of their dresses! I’d love to try one and they look the right length for toddler mom life)

Boden Embroidered Linen Kaftan

LL Bean Signature Madras Shirt in Pink Pearl

Everlane Cotton Twill Short

What are you loving this summer? I’m really craving an easy to pull together but still classic style.

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