Race Report: Athens Half 2018

I’m not exactly sure how my running partner and I settled on Athens for our spring race – but we did and had a quite the time. We drove down to Athens on Saturday, had dinner with some fellow runners (and I managed to get food poisoning…luckily the rest of my group was spared). After a restless night, it was race morning!

The weather had been looking rough all week leading into the race and it was about 65 and raining during the whole race. The few moments it wasn’t raining, it was humid as all get out. The race is an out and back along a bike path on the Hocking River. It was beautiful to run there. My running partner was able to stay at pace at the turn around but I started to slow back and ended up with a 2:44:23, which means my pace was about 30 seconds off what I had been training towards. We’re signed up for Columbus in the fall, we’ll see how that goes. There’s a lot going on in our house besides running, work and toddler minding, but it’s possible I’m going to sign up for another half soon to try to get that elusive 2:39.

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