Weekending – Jan 27 & 28

Holy cannoli, this weekend!
Friday night, despite a scheduling snafu with M, I had dinner with two friends from high school. I love these ladies and am always, always grateful when we can get together and catch up.

Early in the am, I met my running partner for 4 miles, our first official long run of half season. The rest of Saturday morning was filled with boring life stuff, laundry, grocery lists and shopping in the rain. Saturday afternoon, we packed up our little dude and dropped him off at my parents house for the next 24 hours. I FORGOT to bring my phone with me! M and I were forced to talk to each other all night like it was the 90s again. We went to Zaftig Brewing for a flight – when they say ‘high gravity’, they aren’t kidding! We then headed to the Yappy Greek for dinner, and it was so freaking good. We had tickets to the OSU / Michigan mens hockey game and it was a rough game of hockey. As someone who loves Central Ohio, I was really embarrassed by all the booing of Michigan. It’s bad sportsmanship, guys.

Sunday morning, M and I worked on more basement demo and then got all dolled up and headed downtown. I purchased tickets for us to go the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets w/the Columbus Symphony Orchestra months ago. It was so much fun, the music is such a key part of those movies and the Ohio Theatre never disappoints.

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