Weekending – Dec 2 & 3

This weekend was such a doozy and I want to remember it (especially since M thinks my Project Life stuff is too pricy to keep up all the time). I was gone for work Thursday/Friday and we managed to kick of December with a bang!

We started off with a family friendly 5k in our town – we walked to the start line! M pushed C in the stroller and we had such a blast. So many of my runner mama friends were there as well and it’s always a great time to catch up with them. After walking home, we had a bunch of boring house stuff to attend to during nap time.
After C woke up, we headed to the Columbus Zoo for WildLights. It was so much fun and C loved watching the light show on the lake. We also hung out with the water monitor (not pictured below, there were too many other kids in my water monitor pictures for me to feel comfortable sharing) for many actual minutes. I love our zoo membership! 

On Sunday morning, I had another 5k, the Run Santa Run with one of my running partners. We didn’t PR but it was such a blast and there was a free beer at Bar Louie afterwards 🙂  We closed out the day with C ‘signing’ some of our holiday cards and catching up on our advent calendar (yes, we were already behind). 

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