7 random thoughts

  1. Raking season is here! We do have a mulching lawnmower but still, so much needs picking up. We cut back the hostas and mulched the flower beds. I turned the vegetable beds and put up our tomato cages and we’ve started filling them with leaves. Leaves are the absolute best mulch and we desperately need to build up the plant matter in our veg bed.
  2. We needed to replace some old insulation in our attic spaces and that is always a dirty, expensive job. In doing research for what we needed to replace what’s clearly old and crumbly, M discovered our current insulation is about half the rating of what our house should have installed. How the inspectors missed it, I don’t know. There’s something with every house, right? Gosh, I hope so.
  3. I miss personal blogs and wish they were still A Thing. So, here you go with some of my random thoughts tonight.
  4. We are also pretty anxious to get going on the basement reno. While not super showy, it will make our lives much better and give us more useable space in our home. Now, just to find the time!
  5. I’m already making plans for this year’s Thanksgiving dessert plans. I am usually assigned desserts and I know everyone will miss my maple pumpkin pie if I don’t make one. But any and all other items are usually up to me. I’m thinking of a couronne, probably savory (brave, I know!) and I don’t know…another single crust pie. Pecan probably.
  6. Running without an imminent race is hard. I want to keep up this great habit I’ve built over the last 6 months but the wham-bam-pow of the time change, cold rainy weather and the start of the ~busiest time of the year~ have meant I haven’t laced up in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS.
  7. This age. C is walking and trying so hard to talk. I’m preeeety sure we’ve got dada, mama, re(ad), yes, no, this and bus (all big vehicles). He’s so clearly learning and taking so much in – he follows instructions! He climbs onto the toilet to play with the sink! He hangs from the counter when you won’t give him what he wants! But he cannot express what he wants to us and that is really frustrating for him, as well as for us.

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