Comyn Cape Cod ~ Reading Nook

The upstairs of our house has this weird landing area outside the main bedroom. It’s too small for an office (and with the knee wall, it would have meant all new furniture) but it’s too large to just walk through on the way to the bedroom. I wanted to make use of the attic space on either side and had M build in some book cases. I originally wanted something wider but that would have required cutting load bearing 2x4s and we weren’t sure we knew enough to properly re-enforce them yet. We ended up with 3 smaller, more modern looking shadow boxes and I love them! They would also be more versatile if we ever want to change up how we use this space (I can see it becoming an office when we save up for new furniture).

What we did:

Removed the old spindles over the half wall up the stairs
Built in 3 bookcases into the pony wall
Switch the light fixture for something lighter and more modern
Add in a new chaise lounge
Hang plants from ceiling
Sew and hang curtains

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