Race Report: Nationwide Children’s Columbus Marathon and Half Marathon


Gah! My first big road race in many years. I had not started this running season in April thinking a half marathon was in the cards for me this year. I had considered myself still ‘newly postpartum’ (which, now is no longer true!).  A good friend hooked me up with the Columbus chapter of Moms Run This Town and I was soon back up to running three or four times a week. Through those early morning runs, I found two running partners with whom I started regularly running long with on the weekends. They completely talked me into running the Columbus Half with them. I had a BLAST.

Packet pick up at the convention center was crowded and a bit overwhelming (which really surprised me, since I used to work the Chicago convention for years). But we made a day of it downtown and it was energizing for the race. On race day we got dropped off early and had plenty of time to find our way around. The corrals were marshaled by volunteers from the Charity Newsies and I felt all the logistics where very well done. Crowd support was really great for the whole half but I do think it would have been hard to do the full at Columbus since you have to pass the finish line when you are just at 13 miles.

This is the marquee race for Columbus and I can see why. My running club does volunteer as well; so I expect to be back next year, either running or volunteering at the split.

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