Sewing Projects ~ Getting Honest Vol. 2

It’s been a while since I did one of these and some stuff has happened. I did finish that blue and white quilt though!

  1. curtains for my reading nook (this room has been done save curtains since MAY)
  2. quilt an antique double wedding ring top I have
  3. tree stump cushions for Baby C’s room
  4. soft letters & numbers for Baby C
  5. dino-fy a hoodie

I also need to start prepping for #memademay2018. I think I did pretty good on my No Fast Fashion Summer challenge. I did buy 3 things, which is more than 0 but way less that I would have purchased without this challenge. One was a sports bra that I desperately needed, one was a t shirt that came with a race entry and one was a Wonder Woman t shirt I found that I would worried I wouldn’t be able to find again later (I get that’s an excuse but I also didn’t just go shopping when I wanted to check out…and I stayed off

Here’s the list of items I want to have ready for no later than 1 May 2018.

  • 1 tank top (I already have the fabric!)
  • 2 t shirts
  • 2 dresses (ideally, at least 1 with sleeves)
  • 2 pj bottoms
  • 1 raglan tee

I know that list is not enough to wear *only* clothes I made for the whole month. I might start with just week days but right now I only have some costumes and a blouse so this would still be a huge step forward.


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