on haterz

IMG_7058I follow several ‘famous’ bloggers, Instagram personalities and YouTube stars. There is a variety of responses such commentary by these personalities – it usually get qualified as ‘jealous haters’. To be sure, there is some of that – especially with YouTube where even small YT channels can easily make thousands of dollars a month! But most of it is commentary on how the personality is smug / has it wrong / shouldn’t be encouraging whatever they are encouraging. However, I frequently feel that – that take isn’t wrong.

We content creators (even this blog that only my mama reads counts) share about our lives because we think we have something worth sharing. A story worth telling. To say with confidence and certainty ‘this is the way’ is to invite commentary.

I’m living my life this way because I do think it’s the best way. It’s best for me, for M, for C. I think that there are lots of other healthy, productive ways to live as well but I put myself out there ~ I share ~ cute InstaStories and take the time to write blog posts but I’ve something that *works* for me. I believe, deep into the fiber of my being, that everyone who writes a blog, has an Instagram presence, you name it, also feels this way deep down – even if they deny it. If there’s anything that this election and current presidency shows, is that so many of us have very, very different ideas of what a good life looks like. Of course, you’re going to get push back for putting out your values and beliefs. Having and expressing different opinions and values makes many many adults uncomfortable. And hey, when actual Nazis get elected, it’s time to get loud.

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