no fast fashion summer 2017

I’m taking part in a no fast fashion challenge for summer – meaning no purchasing from any fast fashion stores like Old Navy, Target. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t be making any clothing purchases as it is – I got some new summer stuff in the early spring when I realized what worked last year will not work now and sprang for a bunch of new under-roos for me. I’m glad of the reminder to be mindful – especially when sustainable clothing is usually made much closer to home & is better for workers rights and wages. Please watch The True Cost before bragging about getting $300 worth of clothing for $75 bucks – someone else is paying that price.

I want to spend some time making clothing for me; our basement is a mess and will be for a far bit I’m guessing. I also am wanting a serger to start sewing with knits. It’s so hard to want to go downstairs to sew when the weather is so great!

One of my friends did #memademay this year and I loved see all the clothing she’s made for herself and her little one! I have 1 thing I made but it’s the wrong size. I need to get cracking if I plan on making any attempt at #memademay next spring.  I am considering using these 5 Grainline patterns to get started – anyone have any experience with them? I’m not sure if I should start with a free pattern to see if this is a kind of sewing I can really get into regularly.

I have no idea where this is going, sustainable clothing has been on my brain lately so I’m just getting it out there. Here’s some great tips about shopping consciously from one of my favorite YouTubers!

4 thoughts on “no fast fashion summer 2017

  1. I’m late to the game on this because I read blogs like once a month now. I’m so glad you liked seeing #memademay! I have lots of patterns and pattern recommendations if you’d like to chat – especially ones that work well post-baby in my experience. Some patterns are cropped or tight to be fashionable and trendy, but I have lots that are much more comfortable. Hit me up!

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