big drama, little drama, big drama

In late April, we noticed a swarm of flying bugs in one corner of our attached garage. First pass, they looked like flying ants – we had seen ants in the basement and it was one of the first hot days of the year. We spray with a fancy pants green bug killer. It does not work. There is Big Drama and much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

We decide to call the professional bug killers to come inspect and lo! and behold! it is termites. Our home inspectors told us it was water damage so, be ye not as cheap as us. Hire the actual bug experts to come tell you if a house you are buying has wood destroying insects. And don’t go with the inspector your realtor gets kick backs from.

The damage was localized to the garage but there was evidence of an older tunnel on the other side of the house so we decided to treat around the whole property. I said, “I never want to see you guys again.” We vacillated for a while on just doing where they currently were and doing the whole thing. The next week, M removes part of our deck, as instructed, and they come out to treat the house. It takes hours! There’s so much drilling! But I patted myself on the back for deciding to pursue the right, but more expensive option. Such great homeowners we are!  This was Little Drama.

Four days later, I’m in the basement, looking for some something and notice, three big holes in our basement ceiling where they have drilled thru the ground above and into our basement. Meaning they sprayed bug killing shit into my basement. You betcha this was Big Drama. We called our salesman, who sent his boss out to our home, on Mother’s Day (it’s that serious). They both came back the next day to start the cleaning up process. They had the carpet professionally cleaned and hand washed everything that could be salvaged. We did lose 3 backpacking backpacks (including the one that M used to hike the AT), a sleeping bag and a tent. It’s so bad.

TL/DR: Don’t ever tell anyone working on your house you never want to see them again. They’ll end up knowing your baby’s nap schedule.

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