Northern Star Sour Cherry

I probably should wait at least a year to write this post but that’s not what happening here.

I knew that one thing I wanted in our yard were more edibles in our landscaping. One thing that I knew would take time to get established were fruit trees so I knew we needed to get at least one in this year. When I noticed Home Depot was having a sale on fruit trees, we scooted over to pick one up. I had looked at a local boutique garden center but they didn’t have any cherry trees in stock (more decorative trees) when we were looking.

The information that came with the tree said to fertilize it and while I would rather not use chemical fertilizers, we purchased a very small tree and I knew it probably did need it. We did build a compost bin and it’s already working hard for us so hopefully we can simply compost it next year.

I planted this myself and am stupid proud of myself. We placed it in a place in the yard where there is room for more trees (M, I want more fruit trees). We’ve had to make other investments in the house so far, so we’re not quite able to dive into ripping up the lawn and filling it full of raised beds this spring but I’ve got my seed catalogs and we’ll be ready for next year.

Today, I spotted these! We might get cherries this year!

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