One Little Word 2017: BUILD

This year’s word is going to be BUILD. The Year of Rooster is advises caution for Rabbits and I’m going to focus shoring up a firm foundation for us across several areas. I felt very stagnant in 2016 – despite all the wonderful changes that happened for us, our son, a promotion for me, a new job for M, a new car, you name it. It’s like when you’ve been on a long haul flight to somewhere awesome but you’re still an hour or so away from landing and you just want to get up and go. I’m ready to be more prodigious and hope to tackle some creative projects this year like finishing a vintage double wedding ring quilt and painting a mural for Baby C’s room.

We bought a house! It’s been a swirling dervish of dreaming, ideas and plans over here. Who knows where we’ll get started – the kitchen? the bathrooms? the bedrooms? the garden and backyard? Stay tuned!

I always, always have big plans to crush our student loan debt and want to work on building more freedom into our financial lives.

Lastly, but most importantly, I will be building into my political life. My country and my state need me to help build a more inclusive, vibrant future. I am proud to say that unions have kept the men in my family alive while digging coal, I’m proud to be a public school graduate and I will be speaking truth to power, even if my voice shakes. Those calling skills and showing up at marches and rallies and town hall skills need shoring up.

I’m also refocusing on my daily life – I need to fill up my cup mindfully in order to build better. I love Gretchin Rubin’s 7 Essentials as a framework to get started.

  1. Eat and drink more mindfully – 2 servings of veggies a day
  2. Exercise regularly – 20 minutes of movement daily
  3. Save and spend wisely – update budget weekly
  4. Rest, relax and enjoy – #readharder2017 with #NoWhiteDudes2017
  5. Stop procrastinating / make progress – monthly home projects
  6. Simplify, clear, organize – be mindful of what enters our home
  7. Engage more deeply – phone a friend weekly


Check out 2016and 2015’s OLW

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