Best Bottoms Review ~ AI2 Cloth Diapers

I purchased a set of Best Bottom Cloth diapers before our little one was due to join us that included 24 small Stay Dry inserts and 13 covers. Since then we’ve added 9 bamboo mediums and 16 organic cotton larges and a few more super cute covers to our rotation. Since we’ve had all three insert types that they sell, I feel very confident in reviewing them.

The Stay Dry was fine for those newborn days and do not really stain. However, these inserts are pretty bulky and I could see them getting in the way of more active older babies. The bamboo and cotton inserts are much more trim and more likely to stain (read: they totally stain). I love they they are natural fibers. If I were to do it over again, I would just buy the cotton in small and large. We used the mediums overnights with the smalls from 2-4 months and switched to larges during the day with a different brand cloth diaper for overnight (thanks to some lovely friends who shared from their stashes with us).

The PUL double gusset cover is really great – it buttons in a very similar way to a disposable diaper. You do need to get the flaps tucked in on the front in order to prevent leaks but we’ve been very, very happy with them. If you are looking for a straightforward way to cloth diaper – I highly recommend Best Bottom brand!

Plus they are dang cute.


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