#optoutside to Opt Out

For the last two Black Fridays, REI has closed and encouraged their staff, members and customers, to #optoutside and avoid the frenzy of Black Friday. You can check out some pictures from others who also opted out here.

Last year, we went down to Clear Creek Metro Park for a good long hike as you can put together a nearly 10 mile loop and M was eager to try out some trail lunch ideas. It was a great day.

trail selfie from 2015

This year, we had baby C in tow but have decided that going to Clear Creak is now our Black Friday tradition. We did a different loop, one that was only 4 miles long, since it was a little chilly for the wee one. It is such a beautiful park and I’m glad this land is protected.

trail selfie 2016

We are trying to say ‘no more’ to the destruction unbridled capitalism is doing to our planet, our wallets, and our relationships by opting out. We still buy – and make – presents for those in our lives for this holiday season but we do not need to do it on Black Friday. There is no crock pot deal on the planet that is worth bypassing family time – for myself and for the employees of the stores that are open on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

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