Baby C: Month Five

img_8380img_8246Likes: songs, peek-a-boo, repetitive play, your keys

Dislikes: playing alone, being in your highchair

Who You Saw: Nana and Grampy’s neighbors – as a dragon! You did pretty great for the first hour of trick or treat but definitely didn’t make it the whole evening! You were your aunt’s date at our first hockey game of the season; can’t wait to take you to the rest of the games this season.

Places We Traveled: You and I flew to Chicago for work and to see some good friends. You did SO WELL on the flights. I can’t wait to fly with you again! J and her son drove down from Madison to meet you (& bring Mama all sorts of necessary baby gear I didn’t bring thru the airport) and we stayed with G in her brand new house. It was a very fast trip but so filled with love.

img_8292Milestones: You are rolling over like a champ now! You’ll roll across the living room to get to a toy or Kitten. You’re also working super duper hard on sitting up unassisted, although you can totally sit if someone is nearby to hold you if you become unsteady. You’ve also started to push off like you want to start crawling – which this Mama would love to put off a while yet, kiddo!


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