#ababyiscomyn (our baby shower)

One of my best friends, C, came into town in May to help my sister A and her best friend L, throw us a baby shower. Normally, I’d have also blogged her visit but we didn’t do too too much; some hiking, lots of cooking, crafting and grand conversation having. ❤


I’m so grateful to them for planning such a great event with a ‘baby is brewing’ theme as a nod to M’s love of beer and my (then) current obsession with tea. My parents were gracious enough to host us, our friends and family. My mom, as always, served up great food and I got to test out a few Pinterest ideas I’d been eyeing for ages.

We were lucky enough to receive several presents to help welcome our little one and I’m so grateful for everything, from practical to pretty. Since I’m writing this after our sweet one made their debut (I’m working on a post for that too!), I can safely say, we’re putting it all to use!


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