What I Read: June ’16

A House for Happy Mothers by Amulya Malladi: This was a quick pool time read about two women, linked by surrogacy. I found the stories of both the Indian-American mother and Indian gestational mother to be truthful and heartfelt. The ending was not a surprise, nor were there any plot twists and turns but I really enjoyed this uplifting novel.

The Last Woman Standing: A Novel by Thelma Adams: Another Kindle First book! I ADORED this one! It’s a piece of historical fiction that tells the story of Josephine Marcus, lured out west by a smooth talking lawman, Jonny Behan, and her relationship with the famous Earps. Adams has reframed the famous shoot out at the OK Corral through a spunky and independent female voice. Granted, I love historical fiction but I really enjoyed this one. (Warning, there are some spicy bits if that isn’t your thing).

The Country of Ice Cream Star by Sandra Newman: I added this to my queue back in January as part of my Read Harder challenge. This post-apocalyptic literary epic tells the story of 15 year old Ice Cream Star as she is forced to grow up much too fast in a world built on the debris of a collapsed America. The language is unique and reminded me of reading Shakespeare – slightly different from modern English but once you’re a few pages in, the cadence finds itself. This is something I’d have never sought out myself but I’m glad I read it!

What I Watched: Ex Machina, X Men: First Class, (Dis)Honesty: The Truth about Lies,

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