What I Read: May ’16

So much Read Harder progress this month!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald: This was a fast read and it was just OK. I didn’t like some of the sexist overtones and found the movie to be a bit trite.

Girl Waits with Gun (Kopp Sisters #1) by Amy Stewart: I really enjoyed this novel set in the early 1900’s about Constance Kopp, who doesn’t fit the demur mold expected of her at the time. She’s an excellent detective and I was happy to learn there were more books in the series. There are some language that is definitely not accurate for 1914 but I found it easy enough to overlook.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks: I found this set of oral histories a unique approach to storytelling. This is something I would have never picked up without this challenge and I’m glad I did!

The Witches: 1692 by Stacy Schiff: This was much more dense than I was expecting! Schiff explores the Salem witch craze and trials of 1692 thru a thorough and critical lens. If you’re interested in this period of history at all, I highly recommend this deep dive into the details of what happened and how it happened.

What I Watched: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Deadpool, Ali Wong: Baby Cobra, Scenes from A Marriage, Tomorrowland, The Bicycle Thief, Mr. Holmes

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