I’m taking prenatal yoga. Trust me, I know.

I realized in one recent class that I’ve had a steady practice for over ten years now. Which sort of blew my mind. I used to walk into classes thinking ‘Am I good enough? Will the teacher judge me?’ or I’d spend the whole 90 minutes of a Bikram class worried if my gut is hanging out or can anyone see how I’m barely holding onto standing head to knee pose.

But being in this class, man, something is so different. There are some classes where Uttanasana (standing forward fold) and downward facing dog are the only named poses we do. There is more meditation and reflection that I was expecting but, I’ve ever felt more chilled out than after one of these prenatal yoga classes.

There is one (lovely, I’m sure) lady who is tall, maaaaaybe a size 0 with the cutest little bump you ever did see who always shows up in her a expensive as hell Lulumon costume and mat And she is terrible. Like cannot listen to the instructor terrible. [aside: I know I only wear prana and it’s the opposite of cheap but 1-sustainably sourced and 2-hello discount!].

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