What I Read: Jan ’16

As part of my Read Harder challenge, I’m trying to add another layer of complexity – books written by either a woman or a person of color. There are so many great authors that are out there – I just have to seek them out.

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan: I really enjoyed this book, especially after my time in China. I don’t normally enjoy changing narrators but I found that each woman’s unique voice throughly served the broader narrative.

Murder at the Vicarage (Miss Marple #1) by Agatha Christie: I have no idea how I’ve never read a Christie novel before but I really enjoyed this one. While it is definitely of it’s era, I really enjoyed this quick novel.

The Alchemist of Souls (Night’s Masque #1) by Anne Lyle: This has been on my Goodreads for years and I finally put it on my Kindle library loan list and I am SO GLAD I did! I was expecting a straight historical fiction but this involved some fantasy elements that I found really refreshing and engaging. I’ve already checked out the next in the trilogy!

What I Watched: The Overnight, Adult World, Making a Murder series

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