2015: Year in Review

Books I Read: 23

Best Non Fiction Book of 2015: Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War by Karen Abbot

Best Fiction Book of 2015: Mama Day by Gloria Naylor

Movies I Watched: 80

Best Movies of 2015 (I think I’m just going to have 7 annually, mkay)
1- Mad Max: Fury Road
2- Home
3- Crimson Peak
4- Inside Out
5- Star War: The Force Awakens
6- It Follows
7- Trainwreck

Although, I haven’t yet seen, The Hateful Eight, so….

2015 was the year of Push! I leaned hard into work and I think it was good year professionally. We kicked off a huge refresh project and I earned a new certification in my field.

2014 felt so stagnant and I’m fairly certain I was on more planes in 2015 than I’ve been on in years! There was certainly a push on the travel front and for that, I’m forever grateful. The year started with a week in Minnesota and our annual trip to our friend J’s house for New Year’s Eve. I also had four trips to Chicago for work, one to Madison to see a gaggle of my best ladies and one to DC to see one of my college bests.reunion weekend1IMG_5500

Matt and I took a week long vacation to Hawaii and were lucky enough to stay with his uncle in Kailua. We had such a freaking blast and it was so beautiful. I hope we can go back soon!6 days on o'ahu~thecomynspace.com

6 days on o'ahu~thecomynspace.comMore exciting on the travel front though was my two week adventure in Beijing! I went for work but did have four whole weekend days to myself to explore. I got see so many huge landmarks but I’ve found myself missing the food the most. Anyone know where I can get handmade noodles in Columbus? Great Wall08

Forbidden City07Other highlights include hosting two friends from Chicago over the 4th of July for my family’s annual big blow out. I won 3rd place at the Ohio State Fair for my honey oatmeal bread. I’ve already got a few designs on what I’m making for next year.

IMG_5664And now to brag on M for a bit 🙂 He continued to completely kick butt at his job and had an amazing season as an outdoor instructor. I can’t wait to see where he goes in 2016. He also trained for and ran a trail half marathon!

mohican state park ~ thecomynspace.comWe moved apartments! Just down the hill, only about half a mile from where we were but it is lightyears away. It’s bigger, has actual grown up appliances and my parents gave us a washer and dryer so no more trips to the laundry mat! We are also renting a garage so all of M’s woodworking and bike tools now have a home other than our second bedroom. Is this what it feels like to be an adult?

Here’s to an amazing 2016! I am planning on doing ‘One Little Word‘ again, so that will be getting it’s own post!IMG_5208

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