Weekend Recap / What We Ate Oct 19 – 25

A very different weekend from last weekend! Friday night, M closed so I spent the evening sewing and getting some project done. Saturday was full of errands and when M got home, we carved a pumpkin for halloween. Sunday, we got up early and went to join several of his coworkers volunteering for COMBO. They cut in 1300 feet of new trail and built a bridge! I made him drive us all the way out to Grandville to go to Loops – a Chicago style diner for Italian beefs. They really hit the spot! I then came home and baked two pie pumpkins in a the crock pot for pumpkin blondies.

Monday 10/19 – leftovers
Tuesday 10/20 – spaghetti and meatballs
Wednesday 10/21 – leftovers
Thursday 10/22 – kung pao cauliflower
Friday 10/23 – leftovers
Saturday 10/24 – baked fish with wild rice and collard greens
Sunday 10/25 – chicken with roasted lemon potatoes

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