Weekend Recap / What We Ate Oct 12 – 18

I sort of don’t even know where to begin with this weekend. It’ll be hard to top, thats for sure. Thursday night I met up with my little sister and her best friend for the Kip Moore concert at the LC Pavilion. It was such a blast! In a hilarious turn of events, my parents were also at a concert (Arlo Guthrie) on Thursday. I’m so happy I’ve been able to catch more live music lately.

Friday night was very chill – M was working late. Saturday, M had a class to teach so I got up with him and did a bunch of meal planning and grocery shopping before heading over to my folks house. I did some work and then my mom and I walked over to Sew to Speak. I almost got out of there with no purchases but a pattern ended up calling my name. We then headed out to Lynd’s Fruit Farm. We each got the big bags of Fuji apples – it was busy but I swear, we were only other for 15 minutes before our bags were full. We then headed to their main market for apple cider and a hot apple cinnamon donut.

There was a new restaurant opening right next to one of the stores M works at so he got a coupon for a free dinner for two! We gussied up and headed over to Chuy’s – omg the Tex-Mex food was amazing! We treated ourselves to cocktails since dinner was gratis. We had time to kill before our movie so we wondered over to a new beauty store, Beauty Brands, as I had a coupon for $10 off a purchase. As we were checking out, the cashier and I were chatting, just being friendly! She surprised me by throwing in a HUGE back of samples for free! I was delighted! We then headed over to use our free movie passes (do you see where this is going…haha) and saw Crimson Peak. I really enjoyed it! While they are all sort of normal things, it was like the universe conspired to give us a great night out! We are such lucky ducks!

Sunday, I got up early and made a cake [I fully blame the Great British Baking Show for this] and then headed over to pick up my sister. We spent the day at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. We used to go every year when we were kids and it was fun to go again. We did a little shopping – but I remember there being more (or I was smaller?). ALTHOUGH she did buy the CUTEST lobster outfit for Levi for Halloween. Everyone then headed to our new apartment for dinner. I made pork ramen and it was a hit!

Seriously, this is the kind of weekend of legend.

Monday 10/12 – spaghetti and meatballs
Tuesday 10/13 – fish and chips
Wednesday 10/14 – tempeh nachos
Thursday 10/15 – S-late night slice M-leftovers
Friday 10/16 – lentil soup
Saturday 10/17 – Chuys!
Sunday 10/18 – pork ramen

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