Weekend Recap / What We Ate Sept 28 – Oct 4

Such a bananas week! I flew out to Chicago Wednesday morning for work stuff. I was able to catch the early (read, only) express train out to the western suburbs to see one of my longest bestest ladies, L. We went for our traditional tapas, at a new place – where we had such a blast, we ended up double tipping. Oops! We had such a good time catching up and really connecting, like you can’t over the phone!

Thursday was back in the office and I met another girlfriend, G, for a drink at Three Dots and a Dash – which ended up being closed! We scraped our plans and headed back up to her house for Revolution beers and a home cooked dinner. Her hubby sweetly marinated the chicken for us and then I put it in the oven while she manned the corn.

Friday afternoon, I headed out to the conference center where our annual company retreat / all hands meeting was being held. It was a long but fun filled weekend of reconnecting (or just connecting!) with coworkers and learning about what we’ve got going on.  I flew home on Sunday and we headed over to my folks house for steaks as it was my little sister’s 25th birthday! Happy Birthday Sister ~ 25 is a good year!

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