Weekend Recap / What We Ate Sept 7-13

Friday night, I was really craving calzone we headed off to the Pizza House. They are a great locally owned family place and they are quickly becoming one of our favorites! M had ordered American Sniper from Netflix as we came home and watched that.

Saturday morning, I headed off the yoga and then spice store while M worked. I did a little work and then rode out with them to Plain City. Sunday, M was off so we headed to over to glasses store (which was the second store refused to look up our insurance, wth) and then to a local sports bar to watch the Packers / Bears game. It was super fun but as it started to get crowded, we headed home to watch the Bengals game.

More importantly, the weather this weekend finally felt like FALL. It’s here!!!

Monday 9/7 – ratatouille subs
Tuesday 9/8 – brinner (breakfast for dinner)
Wednesday 9/9 – Roaster’s w/my family while M worked
Thursday 9/10 – patatas bravas
Friday 9/11 – Pizza House
Saturday 9/12 – baked fish with hasselback potatoes and squash
Sunday 9/13 – homemade General Tso’s chicken

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