Weekend Recap / What We Ate Aug 31 – Sept 6

Labor Day weekend! I was able to take off early on Friday and M, my parents and I headed over to Indy for the NHRA US Nationals. We were to walk around and see all the pro cars as well as see lots of sportsman qualifying runs before it started raining. While it was too much for runs, we had a great time hanging out and getting to know my stepdad’s race family. We got up early on Saturday morning to see more runs before we had to head out for a friends wedding.

After a quick shower, we headed down to German Village for J and L’s wedding in Schiller Park. We had such a blast connecting with some of M’s coworkers and their spouses celebrating the happy couple.

Sunday we spent the morning doing some packing and then headed off to Easton to gather inspiration for our new apartment. We also saw a matinee of A Walk in the Woods, based on the book of the same name by Bill Bryson, and both really enjoyed it.

Labor Day itself saw more packing and an afternoon in the pool with my family. I am not happy summer is over – it feels like it was just beginning!
Monday 8/31 – ???
Tuesday 9/1 – veggie quesadilla
Wednesday 9/2 – pies and pints w/M’s coworkers
Thursday 9/3 – homemade pizza
Friday 9/4 – US Nationals
Saturday 9/5- friend’s wedding
Sunday 9/6 – grilled chicken and corn

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