China 2015: Tiananmen Square & Dumpling Making Class

After a week of hard work and some pretty tasty eating exploits, I was invited out by a coworker for Peking duck. We met up with her boyfriend, brother and several of their friends (including a couple from Madrid who studied at the same faculty as I did at the Compultense – small world!). We had a lovely dinner at a great local place and then we walked to a hidden whiskey bar. It looked like you were walking into someone’s garden but no! It’s a bar! They had the family scotch but I stuck to a local wine. And then the group dwindled and we headed to Mai Bar, a super hipster cocktail place where I had a lychee old fashioned. It was a lovely cocktail and a great evening full of conversation.zhongshan

Saturday morning, I put myself on the subway and went to Tianamen Square. It was pretty locked down in anticipation of the upcoming military parade. I was pretty bummed – it would be have been cool to see such an important public space. I did get an idea of it’s vastness as I walked around it to Zhongshan Park and hung out.

zhongshan park~thecomynspace.comzhongshan

After returning to the hotel, I walked over to the Hutong for a dumpling making class. It was just me and another couple and our instructor. We learned how to make the dough and a meat and vegetarian filling. We then filled a batch and then pan fried half and boiled the other half. The ayi made the most delicious smashed cucumber salad. I purchased a Chinese rolling pin and we were given the recipes. I can’t wait to try these at home!

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