Weekend Recap / What We Ate: July 27 – Aug 2

The theme this week was the OHIO STATE FAIR! Thursday afternoon I took off to enter my peach blueberry pie. While it didn’t place, I did get a third place for my honey oatmeal bread! I was so excited to place and am already strategizing about next year. Friday evening M and I went back to the fair so he could check out my entries. We ate at the Taste of Ohio building and then headed to National Resources area by the Ohio State Parks. It was a really great evening!

Saturday, we took it easy and then I headed to my folks to work (after hitting up with the helmet sale!). Once I knocked off around three, I got a surprise call from M that he was headed over and we could get the evening together too! We swam for a bit and then headed over to Flipside for burgers. We rented a movie and just hung out ~ it was just what we needed, especially given the epicness that will be August.

Sunday, M leave at the crack of dawn for Minnesota and then my parents and sister and I headed to the fair. We spent the whole day and saw everything! It was quite the weekend!

Monday 7/27 – steaks with fries and green beans
Tuesday 7/28 – tortellini with kale
Wednesday 7/29 – tacos with my parents
Thursday 7/30 – general tso’s chicken
Friday 7/31 – fair food!
Saturday 8/1 – Flipside
Sunday 8/2 – leftovers

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